Rosewood (Blurb) and character reveal

Author’s note: This is a completely original work from yours truly. I started this back in 2011 and had not gotten around to finish it. I think this blurb is too long, though. Tell me what you all think at the comment box down below and if you would like to know more about this and should continue the story here. Continue reading


The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant

The tattoo, however, didn’t have the head of a reptile but rather a head/face of a human male: head thrown back and eyes closed as if in complete and utter rapture, and the tongue which was long like that of a snake, darting from the mouth downward toward the opening of her sex. Continue reading

Learning French

I wanted to go to Quebec, Canada for work, however, when I visited local immigration agencies, the advisers told me its an huge advantage to learn French. I hesitated at first because I have to look for a school that offers language classes. Not only that, the tuition for language classes are quite expensive and are only open when there are enough students in a class.
I took it anyway. Continue reading