Traversing Life and Other Things

Being away makes you appreciate more what you had left behind because they are not physically there anymore. Continue reading


Pit stop: Trappist Abbey, Guimaras Island

After having left Baras Beach Resort, Pete and I opted to stop over at The Trappist Monastery. Well, I did because I wanted to show him the abbey.

We took a mini tour of the grounds and stopped by their gift shop to buy stuff. The staff in the gift shop were very friendly and even suggested what to buy as gifts. I bought only a few things like a rosary for my mum, and food for my belly. Peter, I think, bought a wallet for his sister and a few things for his mum as well. Continue reading

What to stuff into your suitcase: A novice’s guide to packing

It’s your first trip and you are at loss on what to pack. You have purchased an extra 15 Kg of baggage allowance. You don’t want to exceed more than 10 kg, because the rest would be for gifts and souvenirs. You stare at the mess you created: an open luggage, several toiletries, stack of clothes, shoes, lingerie, etc. You ask yourself: WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO BRING? Continue reading

A snippet of paradise: Baras Beach Resort, Guimaras

Last year, a very close friend of mine, Peter from the UK, visited me for a 10-day holiday here in Iloilo for my birthday. I became his tour guide. Although we were both on a budget (we’re poor. HAHAHA!) and wasn’t able to explore more historical sites within my lovely city, he enjoyed his stay. Continue reading