RA 100: So you want to be a research assistant?

Being a research assistant has its perks. If you are interested in this kind of job, there are things that you need to know–and have–prior to jumping into this venture. Continue reading

Rosewood (Blurb) and character reveal

Author’s note: This is a completely original work from yours truly. I started this back in 2011 and had not gotten around to finish it. I think this blurb is too long, though. Tell me what you all think at the comment box down below and if you would like to know more about this and should continue the story here. Continue reading


Blogger’s Note: The following poem is created by Century Child

Don’t despair, you’re there

From beginning to middle to end

Through my wasted days

You’re there through my wasted nights

Oh despair, you’ve always been there

You were there through my wasted years

Through all my lonely fears, no tears

Run through my fingers, tears

They’re stinging my eyes, no tears

Through all of my lonely fears


If its all in my head there’s nothing to fear

Nothing to fear inside

Through the darkness and the light

Some sun has got to rise

My sun is your sun

Your sun is our sun