Aspirations of a Bookworm: December Goals Verdict

Hello 2016! I must say that making goals for each month is super fun. However, last December I was too busy to even think about what I had done in order to reach the goals that I had set up for myself for that month. There were also several things that I had accomplished that aren’t listed in my December Goals list. Continue reading

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone!
How was your Christmas? I was supposed to spend mine in the hospital but, as luck may have it, work ended at 10. I got to spend Christmas with my family. The only thing I didn’t get to do was go to church with them.
Speaking of spending thw holidays working, I am at work as I am writing this on my phone. Got a chance to do so because it is an easy night; just a few deliveries.
Anyway, I won’t be blogging anytime soon. I have a weird schedule so I am still trying to sort out how I could insert blogging into it.
I am sorry.

Once again, Happy Holidays! Enjoy everything!

Aspirations of a Bookworm: Finale

It’s the first day of December. November has come and gone, and I am thankful of the blessings that I had received. November was also the month where I had first tried to really make short term plans/goals for myself. I am not good with achieving personal goals but I do try. Have I really accomplished last months goals? Continue reading