Who is The Fat Kat?

Meet The Fat Kat

Me and Cheese the Cat

Hi! Hello! Welcome to my Blog!

My name’s Kaye. I am an RN and I live in the best city in the world (to me it is): Iloilo City, Philippines.


You may call me Kat, Kate, Kaye, Kai, Kakai, Kikay…

I personally use Kat because the baristas tend to misspell my name every time I order coffee or tea.

I am a…

Self-proclaimed bookworm. A self-diagnosed bibliophile. A tea-o-holic and a coffee addict with an “unhealthy” obsession with all things related toΒ the Regency Era, Victorian Era, United Kingdom, and Japan. An otaku, foodie, and a frustrated amateur writer. An unusual specimen of homo sapiens that can be frequently found in a cafe, tea-house, library, or within the four walls of my bedroom.

I love…

  • The colours pink and purple
  • anything and everything about England
  • history
  • French language
  • Vintage clothing/items
  • cats and dogs
  • FOOD

This blog is about…

Me and my long distance relationship and my thoughts and experiences on the subject. It is also about my adventures and food, and my attempts at making food. I shall also share to you my bookish side.

Much love!

The Fat Kat









19 thoughts on “Who is The Fat Kat?

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  2. Wow! Such an amazing blog! Thanks again Kaye for dropping by mine today, nahiya naman ako sa simpleng design ng blog ko hahaha. Happy first month of the year! Hugs! πŸ™‚

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