Echoes from the Heart

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It has been several months that I had last posted a poem by CenturyChild. Reasons behind it are quite personal and I am not ready to divulge the details just yet. However, I’ve a new poem from the poet and it was just recently sent to me. I hope you love this as much as I did. 


Echoes from the Heart

Just as one experiences the greatest heartache

Faces events that make his heart and mind break

There’s light at the end of that dark storm

A fiery love burning to keep his soul warm.

Echoes from the heart, they sing to me

Sweet bliss when I met you, if only you can see

Your soft love, sweet embrace saved my soul

From the hell I lived through that made me so cold.

Echoes from the heart, awaken love once thought lost

They drive me to love again fully at whatever cost

Sweet light, shining radiant from your beauty

Your beautiful sould, beautiful voice and smile mesmerized me.

Echoes from the heart give me focus, make me strong

Guide me to openly love you and never do you wrong

Sweet Kai, everything I define an angel to be

Wont you give yourself, your soul, your heart and body to me?

Echoes from he heart taught me to love you like I do

I am so selflessly, helplessly, madly in love with you

My love is constant as the northern star

I’ll love you forever wherever you are.


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