September 2016 Goals


This month is getting me excited for Christmas. Already the malls are blaring Christmas carols to entertain their shoppers, decorative trees can be found at every corner, and the ceilings sport giant balls of crystal—red, green, gold, and a smattering of silver. I often find myself humming Jingle Bell Rock!

Christmas-y things aside, this month’s goals are simple:

Be healthy

Ah health! My weakness. How ironic that it is since I work as part of the healthcare team. Instead of dieting to the extreme, I should cut down on how much I put on my plate. Proper proportions of both protein, carbs, fats, and veggies would help me shed the pounds. I should include tea more into my diet aside from water. Tea aids with digestion and helps with losing weight. Aside from being conscious of how much I stuff into my mouth, it is high time I get a gym membership (even though my wallet would hurt after registering) and lose the weight properly.

Get writing commissions

this might take a while. I already did one and it was satisfying to proofread and edit. At the same time, I could hone my technical English skills.

Write more

I should try to finish the two novels that I had started years ago. I’m still debating whether or not I’m going to use WordPress for exposing my literary work since I unplugged myself from Wattpad 5 or so years ago.



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