Rosewood (Blurb) and character reveal

Author’s note: This is a completely original work from yours truly. I started this back in 2011 and had not gotten around to finish it. I think this blurb is too long, though. Tell me what you all think at the comment box down below and if you would like to know more about this and should continue the story here. 

Eric James Blackwell was happy to be the second son of a duke. He had the freedom and was enjoying sowing his wild oats. But the sudden death of his brother had put him in the position as the new Duke of Bransford. As he had come to adjust into his new role, he discovers mountains of debts to be paid and his premier estate, Rosewood, was in dire straights–and he doesn’t have a clue how this had come about. He returns to Rosewood to find out how dire when he meets a mysterious maiden clad in a thin shift who calls herself “Eve”. The maiden had stirred a long forgotten memory of someone he didn’t particularly like.

Evangeline May Temple, the youngest daughter of a baron, had always loved Eric. She was just a chubby girl at the tender age of seven when she had forced an adolescent Eric to the altar. Now at twenty-two, and missing several Seasons, she had hated him for something he had done. She had thought she had forgotten her infatuation with him but when he had imposed upon her peaceful retreat, she had discovered her feelings for him had not quite died. But as they had come face to face that faithful day, she realized he didn’t recognize her, and had unknowingly started a charade–caused by the first name that came to her mind.

With the Autumn Season in full swing, Eric discovers Evangeline’s game and was surprised how the ugly duckling had grown into a lovely–and sensual–swan. Angered that she had deceived him so, he never wanted to have anything to do with her again…or so it would seem. But as he notices suitors coming to her in droves, he does the unthinkable, claiming her as his wife. Evangeline adamantly denies his claims, even going through lengths to burn the marriage contract he had presented her. But one fatal kiss on the balcony during a ball had trapped her into marriage with him.

As their marriage teeters precariously and the mystery of Eric’s estate deepens into dangerous levels, would they be able to discover the passion and the love that has been there all along?

Character reveal

I was trying to find photographs that would perfectly describe my characters and these two caught my attention. It is what I had envisioned the protagonists would look like. Aren’t they gorgeous? My heart is practically leaping with excitement!
Both pictures came from Pinterest. 



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