Hey everyone!

I know that I have been MIA for a bucketful of weeks and not posting that often. Things have been going on in my life that blogging has taken step further back on my priorities list. I am trying to get my agendas straight when it comes to blogging and future posts so there will be some changes going on.

Expect more first impressions on random things (mostly beauty products, i think) and a smattering of travel blogs and food blogs. Century Child’s poetry will continue as well. Monthly goals will resume as well, starting on the 1st of September. Reviews on anime will be resumed as well, though sparingly.

I will continue on doing book reviews/recommendations but I would need to reread the selections before presenting a more substantial output. The books selected for the reviews will be stories that had left me in awe. The genre does not really matter. The reviews will or will not include a beverage or snack that I think would suit each read.

Lastly, some of you know that my LDR with L has completely disintegrated into nothingness early in the year. I appreciate all the support I received from you all, especially those who had contacted me through my other SNS. Despite all that, I will still be blogging about love but it would not be too soon. There will be a surprise for you all once that topic starts.

Thank you all for being so patient and considerate.




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