4 Types of Exes You May Encounter

We all have that previous boyfriend or girlfriend who you try to avoid at all costs but, no matter how much you try, they’re there.Whether or not you’re in a relationship, there are always that 4 Types of Exes that one may bump into.

The Stalker


You’re creeping me out.

This ex wants to know every single detail about you even if you (or your current SO) had broken up with him/her. This ex follows you on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and every single social media you’re in. Don’t worry, though. This person is pretty harmless. She/he is looking for reasons to hate you more.

The Jealous/Copy Cat Type

*mostly applies to exes hating their previous SO’s current SO.


Really. Why?

This one is a stalker too, except that this one tries to emulate you in hopes that it will get the attention of the one who broke their heart.

I have a friend (who blogs too) and she told me that her Ex’s current gf hates her so much that she started her own blog because she’s jealous of her blog and wants to have one.

The Silent Type


You may or may not look like this

This one is an absolute angel! Really! This ex actually leaves you alone because he/she has already resolved to forget you and move on from the heartache. Encounters with this person are slightly awkward. What’s even better, this person will discreetly acknowledge you if ever you bump into him/her in a public place. That or not acknowledge you at all!

And lastly, we have…

The Psycho


This person probably is.

This one is hell bent on destroying you and your current relationship. This person harasses you non-stop on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Even if you block him/her, this person will find some means to chip away your resolve. This person has no heart because you (or your current SO) has obliterated it. They find a way to hack into your SO’s account to destroy you. They will resort to any means to ruin you.



Most likely.

Author’s Note: Inspired by true events in my life.



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