Century Child

Blogger’s Note: The following piece is not my own but that of Century Child.

Century Child

I was born amidst the purple waterfalls

I was weak, yet not unblessed

Dead to the world. Alive for the journey.

One night I dreamt a white rose whithering,

a newborn drowning in a lifetime of loneliness

I dreamt all my future. I relived my past.

I witnessed the beauty of the beast.


Where have all the feelings gone?

Why has all the laughter ceased?

How can I ever feel again?

Given the chance, would I return?


I am only loved when I’m gone

Gone back in time to bless the child

Think of me long enough to make a memory

Come bless the child one more time


I’ve never felt so alone in my life

As I drank from a cup which was counting my time

There’s a drop of poison in this cup of Man

To drink it is to follow the left-hand path…

Photo credits: Christian Hopkins


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