Game of Thrones: An Incomprehensive Game Review of a Noob

I think it is high time for me to break away from the usual relationship blogging and lets focus on one of my interests: gaming.

I could say that I’m a gamer girl but I suck at other games such as racing, GTA…those sort of games. I have no patience whatsoever with MMOs, however, I believe I excel at FPS games, more on RPG that involves violence, death, and gory things. Did I mention that I love wielding bad-ass weaponry?

Anyway, let us focus on a game I had recently played on my phone. It is based on the award winning HBO series, Game of Thrones, and developed by Telltale Games. The setting of the story line starts at the Red Wedding. In this game you, take on various characters albeit not the main ones.


Thus the story begins.

The game is a mix of making decisions and swipe/slash play (for combat). Every decision you make affects the game as you move through the episodes. It is a game of wit, mostly, wherein you are given a limited time to make a choice so you need to have a sharp mind to tackle some of the more cunning characters.

There are 6 episodes all in all. Episode one is free the moment you download the game from Google Play or from the iStore. Other episodes are purchased



Episode one:  Iron from Ice

Main focus: House Forrester, loyal bannermen to the Starks.

Graphics: 6/10 But the main characters’ faces were so spot on. I cringed while interacting with the queen regent.


My initial character was a squire to Lord Forrester. During the ambush at the wedding, I remember dying four times in the first leg of the episode. However, I managed to conquer that bit. I became the only survivor of the massacre. However, upon arriving at Ironrath, I was sent to The Wall for killing one of Ramsay Snow’s men.



Next, I became handmaiden to Margaery Tyrell and sister to the newly appointed Lord Forrester, Ethan. During these scenes, I play both brother and sister, alternating between characters as the story progresses.

It was difficult dealing with Cercei, I have to be careful with my words. However, I managed to amuse Tyrion, who was there during my interrogation (I was the handmaiden here). It gave him great pleasure that I rattled rattled his sister greatly. The most terrorizing of all, though, was Ramsay Snow. I could never predict what that psychopath is thinking. He seems to take glee in terrorizing me (I was Ethan this time).

The end of the episode was a shocker. No matter how many times I replayed it, making different decisions, the outcome was still the same: I freaking DIED.

After my death, there was a sneak peak/trailer of the second episode.

I plan to purchase the next 5 episodes in the future so I could make a more nicer review.








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