From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I had just logged in into WordPress and began scrolling down the Reader section when I stumble upon a fellow community member’s blog saying that LDRBN is closing down. I was shocked that I immediately read through what she had written. Then I immediately logged in the community site, hoping that it was just a pre-April fools prank.

But it wasnt.

Sadly, after a year, LDRBN will be closing its doors for good.

I felt devastated and it felt like I’m about to lose a very dear friend. However, despite how I feel, I can’t help but reflect on the things I had learned within the community.



I never knew that there were a lot of people who are in a long distance relationship. When I was invited to the site and was able to get in, I was immediately greeted with warmth from individuals from Canada, the US, Brazil etc. It awed me that I was not alone in an LDR journey. Each of them were so friendly and very willing to give you a boost.



I mentioned a few blogs back that I had low (very low) stats. It discouraged me to continue what I love most: writing. I neglected my blog for quite a long time. I was in a honeymoon phase in my relationship that I had decided, on a whim, to blog about my LDR and I never thought about it. I actually thought (or rather, accepted) that my post would never be appreciated or even liked…until I got invited to LDRBN. I was blown away by all the supportive and positive comments with my succeeding posts concerning the subject. I had learned how to increase views and the like for my blog. Slowly, I gained confidence and started to write more and more, slowly touching other subjects of interest.



Like any relationship, LDRs go through some hard times. Whenever I have issues that I feel that I can’t handle, I turn to LDRBN for some reassurance. People were so very kind and very positive, encouraging me to hang on and to persevere. They taught me how to be optimistic.



LDRBN became a melting pot of different cultures with over a 100 members across the globe. Bigotry was not present. Everybody was open and shared a lot about their own cultures. I’ve learned a lot from them: food, habits, etc.

Above all else…



I never expected to gain so many wonderful and amazing friends. Everyone was so friendly and very supportive. I love the unique personalities each member has–from the food lovers to the wanderlusts–and their passion for LDRs. They made my experience fun and exciting every time I would log in.

An Open Letter

Dear Everyone,

I am so sad that, after a year, our beloved community will be shutting down. Even though I had not been a member for a long time, I had an amazing connection with all of you. You guys are my (so sorry, L) LDRs. I won’t forget each and everyone of you who had made my experience within the community fun.

Thank you all for the lovely support, for the great advice, and for the laughs I had in the forums and comments. Thank you for giving me inspiration and for the opportunity to share my story with you all.

Diana, thank you for inviting me. Thank you so much for helping me go through the process of setting up my profile and helping me navigate through the site. Even though I’m older than you, you were like my older sister here.

Dee, thank you so much for agreeing to collab with me. I never thought that I would meet a fellow Ilongga within the site. Kudos to you and Nigel.

Michi, you’ve been like my anime sister (if you know what I mean). Imagine my surprise when I read your angry comment to my Having Faith post. Your comment made me tear up and I honestly felt like you were grabbing me by the shoulders and shaking me ruthlessly (like in anime) until I would come to my senses. I shall keep on suggesting what animes you could watch. I wish you and Cruz all the best.

Aika, dear, I remember inviting you to the site and experiencing the feeling of joy when you had finally made it in. You’ve been a little sister to me both in and out of the site. Good luck with your studies. If you ever need me, just holler.

Marissa, you and John are an inspiration. Just watching you two in the process of finally closing the distance and tying the knot makes me all warm and giddy inside. I wish you both happiness.

Mariane and Vo, I was so looking forward to the saga but then life has caught up with us all and had placed our plans on hold. I enjoyed planning it with you guys and I hope, in the future, that we will finally be able to make it.

Kristine, you’re an amazing girl and belated happy birthday. Your photos are awesome and would like to know you more.

Gibby, Im happy to know another person who is messily creative (*cough* messy room). I remember well the comment you made on one of my posts. I wish you and your SO the best.

To the people I had not mentioned, everyone, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope that this event would not sever our friendship. I hope that we would continue to keep in touch through the months to come.

I love you all so much!




I am proud to have been a member of this wonderful community.







10 thoughts on “From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  1. I’m still sad about the news, but I’m very proud of meeting people like you on LDRBN. Best wishes in your relationship and I hope we can keep in touch over social media.
    That goes to all the great people I met there too.


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