Pampering the Kat: Spa Riviera First Impressions

After putting in hours at work for several days, the need to be pampered and be treated like royalty was so strong that the urge to go to a spa exceeded my practical needs. It was a luxury that, I am sure, I will regret later.

I work in the OPD department after having being transferred from my usual area. To be honest, I liked the hours I put in there as opposed to my previous department. In contrast, the work load is more tiring. I scurry back and forth between the records section and the OPD, retrieving charts, returning charts that have been mistakenly pulled out due to some reason, running mini errands for the physicians there, and so forth. In estimation, I probably have walked 2 or 3kms (brisk walking, mind you) in soft rubber shoes (like the photo below) which are not suited for the job.


In conclusion, my leg muscles hurt. The part that hurt the most were my calves. It was hard sleeping at night as well.

While I was at work, I asked someone if they know where I can get a Ventosa therapy. One of the doctors, who was still examining a patient, overheard me and suggested I go to Spa Riviera. She allowed me to use her discount card and coupons. I was, to be honest, surprised that she would willingly let me utilize it. I thanked her and after work, I visited the spa to book an appointment.

Spa Day!

The branch I went to was located at the second floor of Young Arcade building, near Mandurriao (pronounced as man-DOO-ri-YAO). Their main branch is located HERE. The reception area is quite small since the space that they rented was pretty small as well. The interiors are painted in a relaxing shade of green.

The receptionists were very friendly and accommodating, and will give you a menu of the services. Oftentimes, the menu is already on the desk, waiting for your perusal.


However, this particular branch that I went to does not have a sauna. I was a bit sad by that bit.

Like all spa centers, they tell you to change into robes. I placed my backpack and valuables inside a locker and took the key with me.


Changing room with shower and locker

The place was dim and relaxing music was playing in the background. One of the masseurs led me to a waiting area where I sat on huge leather chairs. They were absolutely comfy. I did not have to wait long when I was told to go to the end of the room and to an area where I would be getting a java body scrub.

I took off my robe and was comfortably settled under the sheets, one of their staff arrived to do the scrubbing. It was very soothing as she scrubbed all the dead skin and worries away. Their warm formulation was a combination of milk, rice, Philippine lime, and mineral salts. The smell of citrus and rice is quite faint.

After the scrub, I took a hot shower and changed to another set of robes for my second session: Swedish Relaxing Massage. The masseuse had very deft hands and worked out the knots on my calves and shoulders. It was wonderful! After the massage, she placed a hot compress on my back and massaged/rubbed it to other parts of my body like my legs and arms. What I did not like during the massage, however, was the way she massaged my head. Instead of making me feel more relaxed, I got a head ache. I told her that the pressure she used was too hard but even when she had adjusted the damage was already done.

My last session was Ventosa Therapy. You know that little cup things on your back. I fell asleep while waiting for the therapist to do the job while there was still that hot compress on my back. I did not have to doze off for too long, though.


It was amazing, that session. I found it a bit ticklish as the heat sucked my skin into the cup. It wasn’t painful at all. After the 15 minute therapy, I sat a bit first and rolled my shoulders. Both therapists (masseuse and ventosa) left me their tip cards, which was nice how discreet it was.

The duration of my whole appointment was almost 2 hours and it only cost me Php 450.00 (already discounted since I used a coupon) which is cheap compared to other spa centers. I got my money’s worth indeed.

The day after Spa session

I remember the first spa I went to for a 30 minute  back massage. It was nice but was a bit hefty on the pocket (Php 250.00). However, ended up with a very sore body the next day. Because of that incident, I thought that my body would have aches and pains all over but to my surprise I don’t feel a thing. A bit bruised by the ventosa (it is to be expected) but overall I was totally fine.

I am very satisfied with their services and I would like to return again.

Author’s Note: They have a rule that photos are not allowed to be taken so as not to disturb other people who came in to relax and enjoy their services. Photos taken are not mine.



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