Blogger’s Note: The following poem is created by Century Child

Don’t despair, you’re there

From beginning to middle to end

Through my wasted days

You’re there through my wasted nights

Oh despair, you’ve always been there

You were there through my wasted years

Through all my lonely fears, no tears

Run through my fingers, tears

They’re stinging my eyes, no tears

Through all of my lonely fears


If its all in my head there’s nothing to fear

Nothing to fear inside

Through the darkness and the light

Some sun has got to rise

My sun is your sun

Your sun is our sun


More than 365 Days In

I’ve seen a lot of relationships fail. Even more so with long distance relationships because the distance (aside from everything else) just makes it even harder to keep the boat afloat.

My first long distance relationship didn’t work out as I would’ve hoped. Sure, there had been ups and downs through it all (mostly good, though) however he just gave up after almost 6 months.

We had something good. Better, in fact, if I would compare what we had with the last relationship I was in. But all of that, he neatly packaged and sent it back to me.

It was hard and I sort of promised myself not to get entangled in a similar relationship like that. I decided that I, too, wasn’t capable for a distant relationship.

I guess I broke that promise.

It has been a year–more than, in fact–that L and I had been together. And I can honestly tell you that it has not been easy. There were times that I wanted to give up because of the terrible lack of communication. I am that sort of person who wants attention; I’m weak.

During the middle of our one year, I was mentally and emotionally preparing myself for that inevitable split so it would hurt less since I had experienced that on my previous LDR. I was really expecting things would do downhill since we talked less and less everyday. I was, to be honest, waiting for that dreadful line that would ultimately lead to our separation: We need to talk.

It never came though.

Not 8 months in. Not even when we had reached our 11th month.

I was baffled but very, very happy. Even more so when we reached our first year.

I had blogged about some of our struggles. Despite the things that he and I had been through, however, I am still at awe that I had–or rather, we had–made it this far. I never would have predicted this outcome.  I am still taken by surprise every time that I would ponder on it.

Have you ever felt the same way with someone you love?

As we both enter numero dos of this relationship, I’m expecting a lot more struggles and bumps along the road.

Wish me luck!


The Perks of being in a Long Distance Relationships

Being in a long distance relationship is often times difficult. There are a lot of hurdles and potholes one encounters in contrast to those who are in short distance relationships. However, despite all these downers, there are a lot of things to be happy about when you are in a long distance relationship.

Hangin’ out with friends

Being with friends and spending time with them, and being weird without him raising a “WTF” eyebrow at you.


 No Shaving

You can be as hairy as you want to be. He wont be there to notice.

no shave

You can be as gross as you want to be

ahhh.. Farting without the guilt.


Sweet, sweet solitude

There’s nothing more nicer than me-time.



And when you both get together, it would always feel like you’re meeting each other for the first time. There will be butterflies in your belly and a smile on your face that wouldn’t fade away.