Blogging Break and a Sneak Peek

It has been a while since I last blogged. I remember blogging about the latest challenge that I joined which is the Relationship Appreciation Journal by LDRBN. But before I discuss about that any further, I just want you all to know, my dear readers, that I will be taking a blogging break.

My work schedule has been intense these past few days that being able to blog with gusto is nigh impossible. I have been working 16hours for a few days now and sometimes I have “sliding” schedules which are exhausting. For example, I’m working today in the afternoon shift then I will be reporting for the morning shift the following day (8 hour “break” only). Every time I arrive home, I flop on my bed too tired to even wash up and change my scrubs.


My face after a LONG shift

I do not know how long this break will be. However, I shall be doing LDRBN’s Instagram challenges since they take very little time to do.

Now for the other challenge.

I had already made the journal. I sacrificed sleep (I just got off the night shift) so that I could go to the mall in order to look for craftbook and scrapbook decor to sassy-fy my dull-looking notebook. I wanted it to look vintage but it was hard looking for those things unless I print out some vintage inspired wallpaper. However, I do not have the patience to browse the web for a design that would catch my attention.

This is the finished journal. I placed both our names with craft foam. I shall be adding a few more accessories to the design.

jounlThere you have it. This is an exclusive (yeah, “exclusive”) sneak preview of the journal itself. I had already started filling up the pages with cute stuff. Will update you all soon.

And have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

I shall be spending mine watching Deadpool with friends. HAHA!


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