Relationship Challenge: Relationship Appreciation Journal (Prologue)

Another relationship challenge for this month of love! I had fun doing last month’s challenge which was the A Year in Review. It took a while for L to agree with me to do the challenge. He is not really into these things.


My face sometimes.

Anyway, this month’s LDRBN challenge is the Relationship Appreciation Journal. As the name implies, we would each keep a journal (for 30 days) and jot down all the little things we appreciate about each other, our love, or our relationship as a whole. We could decorate the journal if we want to but I know he will just have a regular notebook. By the end of each week, we would have a Skype session and share what we had written down.


This is so pretty! O_O

I am looking forward to participate in this challenge. The tough part though would be getting L to agree to do this with me. I made a few allowances for him since he is busier than I am. He has school (he will be graduating this May) and a couple of part-time jobs to deal with.

Stay tuned, everyone. I will be blogging about our progress with the journal once L would agree to participate with me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh, And I will also be participating in another LDRBN challenge which is an Instagram Challenge: A week of love. We have a theme for each day for a week. Follow me on IG to find out what the theme is and what image I chose for that day and why.



4 thoughts on “Relationship Challenge: Relationship Appreciation Journal (Prologue)

  1. The last time I did an old prompt on hope and the moderator told me it wasn’t properly posted under the relevant prompt and I went under hope and submitted the post. So I am not sure what to do when or if I do another prompt. And I the last one didn’t have a 300 word preview too.

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