Aspirations of a Bookworm: February Goals

I failed to do a goal list last month because of my crazy schedule. Working full time as an RN has taken most of my time from blogging. I often do 16hour shifts due to lack of manpower. It is terribly exhausting and, despite my skin care routine, I get breakouts. Does anyone know any good skin care products that I could use?

Anyway, as I had mentioned in one of my blogs, I am going to formulate this month’s goals. I had made goals before and this is not something new. However, most of the goals I made weren’t that achievable.

There is a way to achieve set goals through following a step by step formula that is, I daresay, foolproof.

Goals have to be SMART.

Specific– it has to be definitive. It must answer the 6 “W’s”: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and Which.

Measurable– establish a concrete idea on measuring progress towards attaining the goal set.

Attainable– Once the goals identified are important, it is easier to figure out ways to achieve them.

Realistic– the goal must represent an objective into which you are willing and able to work on it.

Time bound– can be attained at a specific amount of time.

So, having established this, I shall formulate this month’s MM3 using these parameters.

  1. Post at least 2 blogs with quality content. -I chose only 2 because of my hectic schedule and crunching out blog after blog without really thinking about what the content would be would be a huge disappointment to me as a writer.
  2. Have 140 followers on my blog this month- I have reached 130 and I think at the current pace I have, 140 is quite attainable.
  3. Open an ATM account by the end of the month- I have mentioned before that I spend money like crazy and yes, I do not have a bank account yet. Been putting it off for years already. This month, I shall endeavor to have one.

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