Tips on how to increase blog stats

As a newbie in the blogosphere several months ago, I did not know I to get a lot of readers to check out my blog without demanding them to like my page. I hate it when I would resort to that. It may be my pride but I was raised that way.

Anyway, it was quite disheartening not getting any visitors on my blog that I actually stopped blogging for a couple of months. It is indeed discouraging to continue once that happens. However, there is no need to experience all that. It really takes effort to reach the stats you want and to keep on increasing it.


Traffic has increased a hundred fold!

Here are a few things I did to increase traffic to my blog:


Yes, read. Not only your own but on others as well. There are a lot of amazing blogs to discover. Those can be seen at the Discover section of your WP reader. If you don’t want to check out other blogs that way, then you could enter a tag (e.g love, book, food) that interests you.


Interact with fellow bloggers such as leaving a sincere comment on one of their blog entries that you liked. Site out specific things that you like about that blog, what sort of lines that were memorable to you, and/or whether or not their work made you feel certain emotions. The authors highly appreciate this because doing this tells them that you took the time to read their entries.


For a newbie, give your blog a make-over. Do not just be contented with the themes WP has provided for you. Spice it up and make it more attractive to your readers using widgets. Take time to explore your WP admin dashboard. Use HD wallpapers to change your background, etc. Doing an overhaul would take time and a lot of thought but the effort is worth it.

It also helps to update your readers on what other changes you made. Take screen shots and label them. It may be another extra effort but at least your readers could navigate easily through your blog.


This is pretty much obvious. If you like a blog overall then follow and they will follow back. Just don’t demand it from them because it is actually rude and would do the opposite.

Thank You


Thank everyone who takes the time to read and like your blog entry. It is a tedious task, I know but it tells them that you appreciate them for taking the time to read your scribblings. Thank those also who had followed you. Take the time to navigate your new follower’s blog, read a few entires, comment, and follow back if it interests you.




In order to keep a stream of readers flowing into your website/blog, take the time to write. Write something that interests you and that could interest others as well.

Do not crunch out scribbles that lack the wow-factor just because you wanted to increase views by increasing posts. It, in the long run, doesn’t work that way. Believe me, I tried and I got so disappointed in myself.

Write things that would keep your readers wanting more from you. They would keep on checking out your blog to see if you have anything new written there that they might have missed.

Join a community


If you are invited to join a community and that community have things that interest you then go for it. I joined LDRBN because I could interact with fellow bloggers who are in long distance relationships. Because of that, I gained new readers and friends.




Promote your blog through different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Update your followers on social media what is new in your blog, if you have recent articles you have published. I personally use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’m saving up for a new phone with bigger RAM so that I could use Snapchat, Pinterest, and Tumblr.


So there you have it. I hope all you newbies out there would find these tips useful. Increasing traffic takes a lot of effort on your part but it is worth it.

Happy Blogging!


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