Monthly Stats Challenge!

In the LDRBN community, we have all sorts of challenges. This challenge is all about monitoring our blog stats and figuring out what causes the increase or decrease of viewers/readers per week.

Is it a competition among members?

No, it is not. Otherwise, some ugly things could happen. This challenge helps us in ways on how we could improve our blogging stats and on the way we blog. We, in the community, share our weekly statuses in a forum. It is also where we discuss how we could increase traffic flow and exchange ideas.

So far, I had participated in this challenge since it started November of last year and it was nice to see how my fellow community members are faring with their own blogs. It was amazing to see how my blog progressed as well.

Last month, I was amazed that even if I wasn’t terribly active with blogging due to working full time as an RN I was able to exceed 500 views. I had a total of 19 posts and 200+ visitors which was mind-blowing!

Here are last year’s stats in comparison with last month’s stats:


And for those newbies out there who want to increase the amount of visitors you are receiving, check this out–> How to increase stats!

I am excited to do the challenge this month and see how well I progress. I will post how I fared for the whole month of February by the first week of March.

And since I failed to do my Monthly Three challenge last month, I shall post this month’s MM3 soon.

Happy blogging! 😀



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