YouTubers I admire

I have noticed that every time I arrive home from work, especially after the night shift, I would watch several videos in YouTube before going to bed. There are certain YouTubers that I subscribe to and follow on IG, Twitter, and Facebook. I normally do not do that because I seldom fangirl actual people. I usually go gaga over video game protagonists, animes…mostly from the realm of 2D.

These are my crushes:

As you can see, Im a fan of the AC series. A HUGE fan.

Aside from videogame crushes, I have anime crushes as well. Here are a few:

And I am usually like this whenever I come across their images:


But we are veering off topic.

There are YouTubers that I subscribe to. They have influenced me in some way and they are very entertaining. Today, I shall share to you who these people are and why they have become a part of my life.

YouTubers that I like/admire

Grav3yard Girl

Bunny Meyers is so fun to watch in. She often does her videos without make-up which I like. She is terribly down to earth and uber loud. She doesn’t care if she starts acting all goofy in front of the camera. That is why I like her so much.

She has anxiety which I can totally relate to and watching her videos have helped me a bit with my own anxiety issues. I love watching her make-up first impressions, her “Does this thing really work” episodes, and her unboxing videos. Her fanbase is lovingly called “Swamp Family” and I am happy to say that I am part of that family.

Bubz Beauty

Bubz was first introduced to me by my British friend, Peter. She’s Asian who grew up in Ireland (I think). I like watching her beauty videos and I get great make-up tips from her because I think that her make-up tutorials are so easy to follow. I also liked watching her hairstyle tutorials. There was one hairstyle that I did and it turned out great. I do not have a photo of that though.

She is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Tim. And its cute that they often do videos together.


Yes, this loud, Swedish gamer who is the boyfriend of the ever cute Marzia of Cutiepiemarzia. But I think they broke up??? I still have to confirm that.

Anyway, I got to know him through my gamer brother while he was watching YouTube and I was barging in his room like the annoying older sister I am. I like Pewds (as I would like to call him) because of his humor and the way he plays horror games. He cracks me up every time he curses in Swedish. If I wanted a good laugh because I had a horrible day, I would just watch some of his videos. He is seriously funny.


There are a lot of people involved in this channel but nonetheless they are all entertaining. I learned a lot of tidbits and the videos are hilarious.

Mental Floss

Facts and science-y things compressed minute videos. I like watching these and learn a few things. However, it is hard to keep up with it especially if the host is giving information rapidly. Oh, and John Green, the author of TFIOS, sometimes hosts some segments in Mental Floss.

Author’s Note: Media posted here are not my own. No copyright infringement intended.


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