Beyond Boundaries: Writing, Blogging, and Me

I like to write. In fact, I love to write. I like making up stories and putting them on paper, letting my imagination run wild and free as my pencil furiously flies across the paper in a glorious attempt to keep up with the flow of thoughts.

I remember making several short stories as early as 6 or 7 years old. It was about a rainbow and how it got its colours. I forgot how the story went but I remember asking my first grade teacher if I could share it to class. Sharing the story was an awkward ordeal though. Mainly because that they–my classmates–weren’t used to that kind of thing. I came from a school with a different educational system that encourages sharing during homeroom.

Anyway, my love for the written word intensified when I devoured books with a curious hunger that was left unsatisfied. Taking inspiration from the books I read, I continued writing. However, I stopped making stories and instead I wrote poems. They were simple works of poetry that have last words that rhyme in each line.

As I grew into my teen years, there was a time when I completely stopped writing altogether. I stopped because I just did. I do not know why I stopped back then. However, despite that, I continued reading.

I finally picked up the pen when I was in my junior year in high school. I made short stories that are slightly on the erotic side. This made me quite controversial. The age fifteen and erotica don’t exactly go together thus I became the subject of many a rumor. Little did they know that I also wrote other kinds of things. Mostly scribbles and fragmented thoughts just to distract me from my depression.

Yes, I do have depression and writing was a way to take me to my happy-place. It became my sweet escape from the constant bullying I got. It was a haven for my tormented teen soul.

Nursing school distracted me from writing what I wanted to write. Instead, I wrote care plans, dissertations, etc. It took a huge portion of my time from creative writing. I focused on technical writing for research papers and so on. I found no joy with it and I was dragged slowly into the pit of my mental disorder. But as I graduated from school, I started to write again. I wrote novels for the sheer pleasure of it, hoping that one day I would get them published.

I showed my work to my cousin and she suggested that I try to blog. I did not jump on the idea of blogging just yet for I had preconceived notions on what blogging was all about. I thought that you have to be a computer whiz in order to make a blog, and that you have to know how to use html codes and programmer thingies just to start.

Oh, how wrong I was.

It turned out to be something entirely different. I joined WordPress because my cousin uses it. I never had a theme or a certain subject I would like to blog about and focus on that was why I came up with the earlier name of That Random Ilongga, since it would be about something or anything random.

I first blogged about anime since it was a good thing to start off with. I also blogged about my writing struggles and how I hated the dreaded “writer’s block”. However, after several entries, I didn’t follow through. For one thing, I was pretty bummed about having minimal followers. Another reason was that I got tired of it.

Months have passed before I started to blog again. This time I got a new inspiration: my LDR. Honestly, I contemplated about writing about my LDR journey but I did not know how I should start.

So, I started at the very beginning.

I started to write about L and my story, on how we met and everything. I wasn’t really expecting for something to happen afterwards. I just liked sharing our story. A few days later, I was invited to LDRBN. Without hesitation, I joined in.

LDRBN is a community of bloggers who are in a similar relationship as mine. LDRBN stands for Long Distance Relationship Blogging Network. It was nice to know that there are couples out there who are in a similar situation–similar yet different in various ways. I got to meet a lot of people and gain many friends. Through this community and through the blogs I have I was able to share my own experiences on the subject and give advice.

Aside from this awesome community I’m in, blogging has helped me reach out to other people who have mental problems such as depression and anxiety. Blogging also helps me release stress and it makes me go back to my happy-place. It helps me calm down when I am having mild anxiety attacks.

Actually, writing as a whole has helped me go beyond boundaries and reach so many people that I am happy to inspire or even to share a bit of myself. It is to show the world that, despite the constant pressure of society to be perfect, I am flawed. I am human.

And I think this is the best thing that blogging–and writing–has done for me.

Inspired by BLOGGING


Interested in joining the community? Or just want to take a look around? CLICK ME! and put in my name–> Kaye <– as your referrer.

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