Relationship Challenge: A Year in Review

Okay. So I was supposed to do blog about this but I have been too busy with work that I barely have time to write–aside from care plans.

So in LDRBN, we have monthly relationship challenges. They are a lot of fun to do, according to those who had participated in previous challenges. This time I got to participate in one. This month I took part in their A Year in Review Challenge wherein we are given printable prompt cards (48 cards in total!) to ask our SO. The cards itself are categorized into four colours/symbols.

I was so excited for this challenge and I dearly want to do this with L. I had scheduled a date night/day so that we could do this activity. However, he wasn’t able to show up online during the said date. I was so disappointed; I had already sent him a copy of the cards. I thought that we would not be able to do this. It was also an opportunity for us to bond and to catch up after so many days of not talking.

A week later, as I was at my laptop tapping away at the keys, my phone began to ring. I was greatly annoyed and was about to hang up when I saw his name and photo. I answered right away. It was so good to hear his voice. Moments later we switched to video call. After several singing sessions, in which we were terribly off key, we started to play the game.


Note: I shall present the story to you guys in a Q & A format so that it would be easier for y’all to read. We did 1/3 of the prompts provided.

Question and Answer with L and Kaye

Describe the previous year in 3 words.

L: Busy..tiring..busy

K: Busy..blessed..tiring


What was an unexpected joy you had?

L: When you said “yes”.

K: Which “yes” were you referring to? HAHA!

L: *smiles* Both “yes-es”. Hey, you’re not answering the question.

K: Woops! Hmmm. That would be when we became a couple.


What do you look forward the most?

L: The future.

K: That is so vague! Me, I always look forward to our next conversation or video calls.


One way you’d like to be more “intimate” this year.

L: *wiggles brows suggestively*

K: Come home first. HAHA!


How would you, as a couple, would like to strengthen your relationship?

L: With a baby.

K: Wedding first then children


Best conversation you ever had

L: When I met this girl on a dating site and fell in love with her.

K: Who’s that?

L: I’m talking to her right now. She is insisting that we do this relationship challenge thingy.

K: *blush* Oh! Well, the best conversation I had was with you that day. You were really persistent.


Biggest lesson learned

L: To never give up on love

K: That fairytales could exist


What are some of your learning goals this year?

K: Tough question. To learn to overcome my anxiety

L: Learn how to please you *winks*



One thing you wish you could’ve done better

L: I wish that I could’ve given you more time and spend some quality time with you

K: I wish you did that, too. However, I wish that I had improved my career.

L: In what way, Wifey?

K: That I should’ve figured out long ago what I actually want.


Best thing you did for someone else.

K: This is easy. Giving my mom a portion of my first paycheck.

L: The best thing I did was I spent time with mom when I went on vacation there.

K: I wish you could’ve spent time with me too.

L: My budget wasn’t enough for me to travel there and the weather was bad. I had to stay in Manila.


What movies would you like to see this year?

K: List only three, please.

L: Hmm. Batman versus Superman; Deadpool; Jungle Book.

K: Jungle book?

L: They’re doing a live action movie.

K: Oh! Hmmm. Mine would be: Deadpool, Finding Dory, and Alice in Wonderland


Come up with a mantra for your LDR this year

L: Mantra?

K: I got nothing. Maybe some sort of saying or something along those lines.

L: “Someday”

K: Sort of like TFIOS, huh? “Okay” was their mantra…I think


K: The Fault in Our Stars? Heard of that?

L: Nope. *smiles*


What date nights would you love to try together?

L: A romantic dinner for two, then going to the movies, and then going home to relax and unwind.

K: Im okay for dinner but how about a stroll in the park after dinner instead of movies?


One celeb you were so sick of hearing about

K/L: None.


For who you were particularly grateful?

K: Aside from you, Hubby. I am grateful to God for everything I had received.

L: I was about to say the same thing.


How do you want to be different this year?

L: I shall give you and us more time instead of burying myself in work.

K: To be more understanding and less passive-aggressive.

We both had fun asking each other questions from the first set. There are things that I had learned about him that I do not. Mostly though, our answers were about us rather than as an individual. We might be doing another set soon. Oh! And I want to put up photos of him and me while on video call but he has not given me the “okay” sign yet.

I hope you all enjoyed reading what our answers were.





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