Looking Back

I know that it is in the middle of January 2016 and I should be doing this reflections thingy way back when the year just started. To be honest, I wanted to do this for quite sometime but there were hurdles in the way that made me unable to do so.

Let me explain….

Firstly, I was a bit swamped with work in the clinical area that finding time to just sit in one corner and meditate on all the lovely things that had happened the previous year was just slightly difficult to do.

Secondly, in the LDRBN community, we have a monthly relationship challenge. This month’s challenge was called A Year in Review. It is a game wherein we could print out flashcards provided containing questions and prompts to ask to your SO. I wanted to do this challenge with L, and this could double up as a reflection of last year. I scheduled a date night/day with him however he wasn’t available for it. Can you imagine how disappointed I was?


I just recently got off a Viber video call and Skype video call with L and–TADAH!–we did the challenge! We both wanted to finish all 48 questions but I suggested to do 16 first so that he and I could have more time goofing off. I love our video call dates. I shall post the result of our challenge in a separate blog entry.

2015 in Review

LDR Life

Last year was a challenge for both L and I. There were communication issues, internet connection issues, and personal issues. There were, in short, a lot of pot holes in our journey.

The first few months into the relationship were fine: we talked almost everyday, we Skyped/Vibered often, and we gave more time for each other. As the year stretched on, however, our communication dwindled and was limited to “good morning”, “good night”, and so on. It was tough to say the least. I could count on one hand the times we had an actual conversation may it be through text or video call.

Having the time for a video call was even tougher. Apart from the different time zones we were in, L has become a self-proclaimed workaholic. It hurt me that he was over exerting himself. I know he has student loans to pay and so on, but I worry about him and his health. We did not get to talk during the holidays as well.

Aside from video calls, there were “problems” that he and I faced. We almost had a fall-out, I guess. It was when he was supposed to move out to an apartment but he later found out that his roommies were all females. I wasn’t too happy about it. For more info on that story, kindly read Having Faith.

Despite hitting several road blocks, there were things that I had learned. I had learned to be patient and to be grateful. I had learned to keep faith in both of us and this relationship that we have. I had learned to be thankful with every second we spent talking through Skype. I had also learned to be content.

Blogging Journey

Ever since I blogged about my LDR and got invited to an exclusive community, my views on The Fat Kat skyrocketed. Compared to my previous stats, my views increased a hundred fold! After learning how to increase stats and how to reach more readers out there, I managed to snag 80 followers by the end of 2015. It may not be much but I was happy.


Such a vast difference!

Aside from sharing to the world my LDR journey, I also shared a darker side of me that only a handful of people know. I laid bare a part of me. It wasn’t easy for me to do so.

Career Path

Last year was rough, career wise. It was so hard finding stability for something that you had studied 4-5years for. I had months of hiatus in between jobs mainly because the doors were closed. To top it all off, I got the worst anxiety attack of my life. It was hard to function normally after that. Despite that handicap, I managed to snag a job in one of the local hospitals. I took some baby steps and I managed to survive that. I am hoping that I will be able to survive this year.

Fast Forward 2016

LDR Life

I mentioned earlier that L and I was on a video call. I would like to say that it was fantastic! I sneaked a few screen shots while the conversation was going on (Sorry, my hubby. HEHE). I was happy that he and I are still going strong despite having less time for video calls and whatnot for each other. We are still going strong despite the 8000-something miles that separate us.

He sang songs to me earlier. Some were in our own native language, Tagalog, and some were in English. Despite not feeling well (and he complained that his voice doesn’t sound too good), he managed to make me smile and giggle. He sang Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton (he modified the lyrics a bit), Photograph by Ed Sheeran, and Sorry by Justin Bieber. I sang with him as well. I sang to him Like I’m Going To Lose You. We did a duet on the same song but it didn’t work out too well because of the shitty internet connection.


Original version versus L’s version of the song Wonderful Tonight. I laughed outright at the end.

He apologized about not having enough time for me last year as we were doing the LDRBN Relationship Challenge. That story would be on another blog. 🙂

Blogging Journey

This first 2 weeks of January had been awesome. I had been nominated for a few awards and I had gained a 100 follows. I am aiming for at least 125-150 followers on this month alone. I’m working on improving my posts and the content. Now all I need is to manage squeezing in blogging into my schedule.

This post is inspired by the prompt REVIEW


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