First Impression: Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid-to-Matte Lippy

I never knew that I would include beauty thingies here in my blog but I think it is a nice addition to the ones I have going on like my LDR, and my love for food among other things.

Take note: I am not a professional make-up artist. I am just a plain girl who adores make-up aside from food and my boyfie, L. And sorry for bad photos.

I was at a bazaar when I came across this lovely thing. I had read reviews and vlogs about the company Lime Crime and most feedbacks are quite negative. Customers are not satisfied with their service. They have a bad PR record and so on.


For feedback from vloggers in YouTube:



These are just a few vloggers talking about it. Because of the controversies going on, I have a little note for y’all.

Disclaimer: Before I move on to my first impression about the product itself, it is YOUR CHOICE whether or not you would like to purchase the product. I DO NOT advertise for the company. I AM NOT BEING PAID TO DO THIS FIRST IMPRESSION.


Lime Crime’s Velvetine liquid-to-matte lippy in the shade Beet It is a nice deep, warm wine colour. It dried within like thirty seconds after I put it on. I love the deep shade (not to mention the packaging). On the first application, though, it wasn’t really that opaque. I had to put on several more coats for it to look darker and more opaque.


Cam used: Alcatel One Touch back cam 5mpixels. Goes well with my top.

It has a doe’s foot (I don’t know if what I’m saying is right) applicator and the product glides on smoothly on my lips before drying. I tired drinking with this on and there was no residue on the rim of my soda cup. I made a mistake while I had this on though which caused the product to “melt” a bit. I ate a greasy burrito for dinner.


Sorry for bad lighting.

As for smell, it doesnt really have that make-up-y smell that some lipsticks/lippies have. In fact, it doesn’t have an aroma at all which is nice. I got positive feedback from some people of my acquaintance and even my cousin likes the shade. I was hoping to have their velvetine in the shade Peacock (which is a blue-green shade) but it isn’t available at where I bought it.

Mom: OH MY GOD! WHAT A COLOR! You look like a witch!

Me (posing): I’m fabulous! Somebody call Vogue. I’m ready for my photo shoot.

Over all, I am liking the product. It goes terribly well with my skin tone and I am thinking of using this product on several occasions.


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