First Impressions: THE FACE SHOP Backryuncho Wrinkle Stop Toner


I got this product from my mom a few hours ago since she doesn’t even use it. I thought, after receiving this from her, that I would do a first impressions on it.


Countries like Korea and Japan are well known for their skin care products and are quite popular because of how well-formulated it is to suite every skin type. I love them. Anyway, Backryuncho Wrinkle Stop Toner is a product from Korea. It contains backryuncho extracts that grows wild on Jeju island.

I browsed The Face Shop’s website for the product. This particular toner contains cactus extracts that has excellent moisturizing effects that fill skin with moisture. This also contains adenosine which intensively cares wrinkles through lifting them tightly. This is also an exfoliant and is very gentle, creating a younger looking skin. It is also non-greasy and melts very easily.

Since this is a first impressions, this review wouldn’t be as constructive as other reviews on the product that are out there.

First off, I love the color of the bottle. The color is a nice vintage-y red-violet and light dusky pink (You all know that I adore pinks), and it has a shimmery pearl finish to the bottle.  The bottle is made of glass, I think, and is fairly heavy. The bottle holds 140ml of the product. I wish mum didn’t throw away the box because I would’ve shown it to you all.

After I had washed my face and I applied it on with cotton, the product felt nice on my skin. It is not harsh and burning like most toners which is a huge plus for people who have sensitive skin. After application, the product absorbs easily into the skin and I felt that my face has been hydrated. It felt soft and smooth almost immediately. I even tried it on the back of my hand.

The product is clear like water and–I don’t know how to describe this–less “runny” or “watery” like most toners. If I rub it in between my fingers, it feels like there is oil when there is absolutely none at all within the product. I think this is the moisturizer the product has. You can actually feel it.


Product on skin. (Sorry for bad photo)

The smell is also divine! It doesn’t have that alcohol smell to it. It’s fruity and slightly floral-y, and I think has a bit of a berry scent to it. It almost smells like my bath gel (wild strawberries with vanilla) that I got from Singapore. The smell isn’t over powering at it is very mild.

Overall, I love this. I’m going to keep using it. This is definitely a keeper and I will include this in my evening skin care routine.


I couldn’t find the official PH website of The Face Shop apart from FB pages but I asked my mom how much she bought it for and she told me that she bought it for a little over Php 800.00. So, if you are in the PH and interested in purchasing this, you would probably need to have a budget of Php 1000-1200.

Other countries (prices may vary):

New Zealand- NZD 32.00

USA- USD 11.00

Singapore- SD 27.80

If you want to try this toner, visit the nearest The Face Shop store near your area.


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