The Liebster Award

These first few days of the new year I am blessed.

I was at home when I received a message from Aika of Memademoiselle that I was nominated for this prestigious award. Likewise, I just got a tweet from Kristine of The Blank Polaroids telling me that she nominated me for the award as well. I was overwhelmed. I wasn’t able to do these when I first received the text as I was busy at home.

Thanks so much you two.  HUGS!

What are these Liebster awards?

Liebster Award is a new-comer award given by bloggers to bloggers, that creates a great platform for new blogs to be discovered and build communications. The best thing about this award is, it creates a lot of encouragement and support within our blogging community.

What are the Liebster Award Rules?

By accepting this award I am committing to the following:

  1. Thank and Tag the person nominated you.
  2. Answer 11 questions asked by your nominator.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers.
  4. Create 11 questions for your 11 chosen bloggers.
  5. Notify them so through social media.


And since that these 2 nominated me, I shall answer both their questions.

Aika’s Questions

If you had a chance to go back in the past and change one thing, what will it be?  *Thinks deeply* If I had the chance to go back in time to change something that would be not meeting my second ex (then bf). I regret having premarital relations back then. I got pregnant as a result. He left me and I lost the child. The whole incident made my folks lose their trust in me.I think today I had restored it but I think I don’t deserve it yet and probably never will.

What is your greatest heartbreak? Wow! Uhm…I don’t know. I think that would be in relation to question number 1. I was very sad that I lost my son/daughter to a miscarriage. To top it off, I lost my parents’ trust in me.

Do you believe in life after death? Yes. I also believe in ghosts

How do you handle failures in your life?By bulldozing my way forward. Recently, though, it has been tough. If you’re curious as to why, kindly read Metamorphosis and Oblivion.

Pick an instance in your life you considered your most embarrassing moment. What happened? My most embarrassing moment was when I was flashed. I was walking along a busy sidewalk, on my way to a jeepney stop so I could take a jeepney to one of the largest malls in my locale. There was this dude in colorful Hawaiian board shorts walking towards me. Just when my eyes happened to focus on him, he opened the flap and showed me his aroused..erm..dong. He waved it in front of me and he wiggled his brows suggestively. People who saw the incident whispered furiously. I just had to walk faster and away from the flasher.

What is the best advice you had given to someone?  I told my friend Jules that before she makes any crucial decision, she should weigh the pros and cons, think of the consequences of such action before she would take it.

Tell me something about yourself. I’m weird, that is all. HAHA!

When did you start writing/blogging and what inspires you? I think it was way back in 2013 or thereabouts when I started blogging. I wasn’t sure how to start since I thought you had to be a genius at coding for you to start blogging. Turns out I was wrong. Back then, what drove me was my love for anime. Now, food, LDRBN, my fiancé, and books are what inspires me to write and blog.

What is your ideal wedding proposal? As you all know, I am already engaged. If not…TADAH! I’m engaged! It wasn’t really that getting-down-on-one-knee kind of thing. L proposed since  he doesn’t want someone to steal me away. He proposed via videocall. It wasn’t really romantic to others but it was sweet and just as romantic to me. But, if given to the chance to redo it, I would like him to propose as we walk along the beach with the sun setting over the horizon.

If you would rate my blog from 1-10 based on contents, what will it be? 1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest. (Thank you! XO) *throws a bucket of likes* Is this enough? *brings a truckload of likes* Or would this suffice? HAHA! On a scale of 1-10, its a close 9.

Kindly leave a message to me as well as to all the bloggers out there.

Aika, sweetie, I’m just a PM, a tweet, a blog, an IG away if you ever needed a virtual shoulder to cry on.

For the rest of the people in the blogosphere: Do what inspires you. Keep moving forward even if life drags you down in chains.

Kristine’s Questions

What do you look forward to doing in this year, 2016? More opportunities for success I guess. And I dearly hope that my parents would support me in my endeavor to just be a writer and not anything else. I find that it makes me happy.

If you’re to write your last blog what will you be writing about? My life story and the lessons that I learned from the trials that I had faced.

What is one movie that moved you or made you cry every time you watch it? The K-drama Miracle in Cell no.7. I cried a torrent of tears. I woke up with very puffy eyes. So puffy that it was hard keeping them both open.

Have you ever vented out your feelings to someone online, to a complete stranger? No. Peter tells me I’m more passive-aggressive.

What is one advice that someone gave you, that you still keep and value up to now? I’m quite stubborn so any advice given to me would sometimes be ignored. My mom, in particular, loves giving advice. She has a lot and I forgot most of them. Sorry mom.

What has love taught you? That it isn’t a fairy tale. Love has taught me to be patient and understanding.

What is the sweetest thing you have ever done to someone? Being physically there through my best friend’s worst moment in life.

If you could spend your day with a celebrity who will it be? And where will you go? Like planned to do? Is the Queen of England a celebrity, too? Or does this question only refer to actors and actresses?If so, I would like to be visiting her home and take a tour with her as my guide. I would ask so many questions about their family history and so much more.

If not then I would like to bask in the glory of Johnny Depp. He is one of my favorite actors. I would like to take him on a tour of my home town.

Talk about your culture. The culture here in the Philippines is quite diverse due to the many countries that have colonized the country. We are most heavily influenced by the Spanish. The majority of the people here are devout Catholics and in every province there are religious feasts.

In my locality, however, we are notoriously known to be shy as well as “socially stiff”. If you want to know more about Iloilo, CLICK ME.

What is your most favorite holiday? Christmas! The least? Valentine’s Day.

Would you still blog even if no one’s reading it? I would be discouraged to continue to be honest. But I would still blog albeit more sparingly.

My questions

  1. Any goals for this year?
  2. What is your greatest fear?
  3. If you were to write a book, what would it be about and why?
  4. What made you start a blog?
  5. Who inspires you and why?
  6. You just won one million dollars. What will you do with your winnings?
  7. If you are going on vacation in an isolated island, what are the three things you will bring and why?
  8. Take the time to explore my blog. What are your opinions?
  9. If you were to learn a new language, what would it be and why?
  10. Have you regretted something in your life? What is it and why?
  11. Lastly, kindly leave a message for me and for all the people in the blogosphere.

I nominate the following


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