Aspirations of a Bookworm: December Goals Verdict

Hello 2016! I must say that making goals for each month is super fun. However, last December I was too busy to even think about what I had done in order to reach the goals that I had set up for myself for that month. There were also several things that I had accomplished that aren’t listed in my December Goals list.

Did I actually tick off every single goal on my December list? Let us find out, shall we?

1.Abolishing Procastination


I am so sad to say that I had not completely annihilated this. I am making slow progress though. Slow as in snail’s pace kind of slow. *sigh*

2.Getting Fit


It’s December! There is food and cake and more food! How could I resist? I do portion my meals and drinking lots of water and tea.. It helped a bit. I lack the exercise though. I’m such a lazy bum.

3.Love myself more

I had not gotten myself a make-over because I was a bit busy during the end of the month. It was a bit hard for me to juggle work, socializing, babysitting, and blogging. Mostly with the blogging and the work because I am usually on-call on my days off.

As with the rest, I do not mind my stretch marks at all. Even though I’m slightly over the BMI, I’m endeavoring not to go overboard. I like the fact that I am slightly curvy though I hate wearing dresses without cycling shorts underneath because my thighs so close together that they tend to chafe.


These are a few that I had achieved so far for the month of December.

  1. Getting a job within the locale- While waiting for my visa for overseas work, I managed to snag a contractual position in the previous hospital I work in. YAY ME!
  2. Reaching 80+ followers- I never knew that I would be able to reach this far in the blogosphere. Thank you all!

Haven’t seen my December Goals yet? CLICK ME!




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