What to do when…

Being in a LDR, your hours don’t sync especially when your SO is literally half way across the world.

L and I are like that. He lives in Canada while I’m here in the Philippines. Our time zones are vastly different. It would be morning there, and on the other hand, it would be evening here. There is a 13hour (according to him) difference. For example it is exactly 9:07PM 12/22/2015 here as I am writing this.


Proof. 😛

And it would be 8:07AM his time.


We both have work and it is sometimes hard to come up with a decent talk-time. Lately, though, he is very occupied with work while I have free time in between shifts. I get bored and instead of waiting for his text to come, I find ways to fill in the gaps.

Here are some things you could do when your SO is busy:

Find a hobby

Blogging is one of my favorite hobbies to pass the time when waiting for him to come home during my days off. If I am not struck with an inspiration, I colour instead. A friend of mine gave me an adult coloring book and a pack of coloured pencils for me to occupy myself. And I must say that they’re addictive.


Hang out with friends

I have a lot of bonding time with my two best friends going on food trips and exploring the city. And goofing off. Definitely like goofing off with these two.

Watch a movie

In my case, I binge on Japanese anime while waiting for him. These are just a few animes that I watch…

Those or bawl over K-dramas and J-dramas


Miracle in Cell no. 7


Koizora (Sky of Love)


This, I think, is one of my favorite things to do when I don’t have anything else to do to occupy myself. Now excuse me while I get some shut-eye for the night.


Media used are not my own except for the screen shots from my phone





6 thoughts on “What to do when…

  1. I usually binge out on anime too! also watch movies and video games… but we don’t have a huge time difference, just 1 hour. I sleep earlier than he does as he’s a night owl so we say our goodnights and he still ends up texting me cute stuff to wake up to 🙂

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