Capsicum Patches: Not for the faint of heart

I had mentioned before in one of my blogs that my back hurts. I have no idea what caused it. At first I thought it was my UTI recurring again but after a few days of water therapy (like almost 2L per day), the ache was still there. Normally, the pain would subside (for me) after just a couple of days of drinking water for fluid intake (no juice or cola) coupled with antibiotics but this pain was different. I tried massaging it, the pain would fade for a while but would return. In my head, I began thinking of the worst like appendicitis but as a nurse I know the pain characteristics of appendicitis. Maybe it could be my posture when I am typing.

My mini desk and laptop is near my bed so I can be comfy while tapping away at the keyboard. I tend to slouch (unconsciously done) or bend a bit to my side. I think that was the cause. It still aches up to this day and it has been almost a week.

For relief, I use a menthol liniment but I don’t like it much because the heat tends to fade after 30 minutes. I wanted to use patches but the patches we have here are menthol type. They’re mild and the heat can last to about 4 hours max. Sometimes even less. So, I got out of the house and bought capsicum patches.


I had used these patches before and they’re great for muscle aches but not so great for first time users.

These patches consist of the following ingredients: Capsicum extract, Zinc Oxide, White Wax, Soybean oil, Dibutyl Hydroxy Toluene, and Bees wax. Capsicum is the main ingredient. If you don’t know what capsicum is, it is basically pepper. Hot pepper.

These patches are hot. Very hot. Upon application, you would not feel the heat but after 30 or so minutes you’ll start to feel a hot sensation similar to having a hot compress applied to your skin but the longer the patch stays on, the hotter the feeling gets until you will feel like as if your skin is on fire. I’m not kidding since hot pepper is the main ingredient.

A packet contains 10 patches for only Php 65.00. The effectivity (heat) of a single patch would last for 3-4 days. Do not, however, remove this forcibly from your skin. It is like ripping off duct tape from your sun burnt flesh. It hurts like hell. I made this mistake the first time I used this. AND do not rub the area where the patch had been.

Then why buy this if you’re saying all the nasty things about it?

It is nasty but the nastiness is worth it for me because (1) its cheap and (2) it soothes my back even if I had to endure the intense heat.

If you would want to say goodbye to achey muscles and are willing to endure 10x heat, by all means use this. If not, just stick to the menthol liniments or patches you have at home. 😀


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