Fotor: Best photo editing app when you suck at Photoshop

I suck at using Photoshop.

I have no skill with all their doodas and whatsits. I couldn’t understand how to layer photographs without deleting it accidentally. I don’t know how to edit pictures with the tools that are provided. I tried learning. Really, I tried but I just can’t comprehend it all. So, I started using photo editing apps.

I used Pixlr before then PicMonkey. I like the latter because it is easier to use and have a wider range of tools than Pixlr. In order to get full access to more tools though you have to pay a membership fee.

Anyway, I was about to edit some photos at PicMonkey but strangely I couldn’t access the site. I browsed for more online and found Fotor. It took me a while to get a hang of it since it is slightly similar to Ps but a very simplified version of Ps.

Aside from editing photos, you can arrange them in a collage as well.


Home Screen

The left sidebar shows you the tools available in Edit mode: Basic Edits, Effects, Beauty, Frames, Stickers, and Text.

edit page_fotor

Basic Edit

In Collage mode you have the following: Classic, Funky, Photo Stitching, Stickers, Shapes, Text, Background



In Design mode: Stickers, Shapes, Text, Background.


Choosing a Template


Facebook cover template

I often use design mode as opposed to basic editing. I can layer photos here without any fuss. I made some of my featured photos using design mode. You can also choose a template for you to work on. You will find diamonds at certain tools; these are the premium tools. However, access to their premium tools requires you to pay a membership fee.

For a first time user of Fotor, it would take a while to get used to the tools and how to properly utilize them. I edit photos on my laptop however if you like to edit on the go, the app is available in Google Play and in the App Store for Apple users.




6 thoughts on “Fotor: Best photo editing app when you suck at Photoshop

  1. I love fotor. I usually alternate between fotor and picmonkey but I mostly use fotor. I would love to be using Photoshop cause I feel like I have more freedom, but I don’t want to purchase it 😦

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