Ekel Blemish Balm Snail BB Cream: Personal Review

Okay. I know you all know that I blog things mainly about food, LDRs, and traveling but i just want to share with you guys what I LOVE about this BB cream.

I’ve tried a lot of foundations and creams (let’s face it, I’m just like every other gal out there) for my lovely face but they don’t seem to work for me. I break out and the little thingies on my forehead don’t seem to disappear. To me, they look like they’re multiplying and having babies as I keep on rubbing them creams on. Ugh! So not fab!


Okay. This isn’t my ACTUAL forehead but I just want you all to see what those horrid bumps look like.

I’ve a normal to oily skin type and although there are many products out there that are for those skin types, they don’t work for me. It’s like I want to say: “Face! What the heck do you want for nourishment?!”

For a while, I stuck with baby powders. The hypoallergenic powders but you have to reapply once in a while to appear fresh from the shower. I honestly am too lazy to reapply and I don’t like to see powder everywhere inside my bag whenever the cover is on too loose or when it just comes off.

So my sister gave me this Korean beauty product because she doesn’t use it. Korea is known for their awesome beauty products so I want to try this out.


Ekel’s anti-blemish snail BB cream contains various plant extracts like aloe vera leaf, lavender & rosemary and is formulated with Snail Secretion Filtrate to reduce damage & irritation of skin. It offers rich nutrition & moisture to skin. The cream covers blemishes, wrinkles & fine lines naturally protects skin against harmful sun rays with SPF40/PA++ (YAY FOR HIGHER SPF!)

The cream creates a calm, soft, smooth, radiant & flawless complexion Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

Yes people! It has snail slime! But the mention of snails didn’t bother me one bit. And I am glad that the SPF is higher than most BB and CC creams because, let’s face it, the sun is harsher here in the tropics. I’m also the type of person that doesn’t like to use sun screen (you know, the ones you use at the beach and pool) because, for some reason, my face would start to itch and I’d get hives. I tried using the sun screen that is formulated for kids. Generally, I don’t like the smell of sun screen and the stickiness of it on my face.


BB Cream with SPF 40

This product is truly God send! Really. After a week of using it, I could tell that my face looks a bit smoother and the bumps on my forehead had reduced in number. They’re still there though.

It is my, hands down, go-to product ever! Not only does the fore-acne (forehead acne) gradually disappeared but my skin looks absolutely lovely. It’s a foundation, cream, powder in one! When I apply it on, it’s so light that it seems like I don’t have anything on at all. It has a natural beige color so blending it out wasn’t really a problem. A little bit of it goes a really long way.

Of course, this is a bit pricey (for me anyway). More likely mid-range.

Prices are based on online sales.
AUS- $21.00
PH- Php 500.00-600.00
US- $17.00
GB- £12.00

The product is good for 12months after opening. If you are unsure for how many months your make-up is good for just look for this symbol:

pao symbol

The number indicates how many months the product is good for.


Do you have a favorite beauty product that you would like to share? Comment down below. 😀






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