A Writer’s Essentials

I love to write and to write as much as I can. I write about absolutely anything and I am in the process of editing my unfinished manuscript and trying to complete it once and for all. However, there are days when I’m just itching to write something but I scramble to find something to write on. It would be embarrassing to dash to the nearest office supplies store just for a piece of paper and a pen–or pencil. I remember using even shopping receipts as paper and a piece of broken crayola to write with.

To save me from that disaster, here are the things that are always inside my bag:


1. Notebook

It is imperative for a writer to have one–or two. Who knows that maybe you will be bitten by the writing bug while you’re out of the house and away from your laptop.

2. Pen(s)

I think this is a given.

3. Pencil(s)

If you’re like me and don’t want your notebook to look like a bunch of words with lines slashed across them because you wrote the wrong word, I recommend you to use a pencil. I personally use mechanical pencils (0.5mm) instead of regular pencils to avoid unnecessary sharpening in public.

4. Eraser

Whenever there’s a pencil, there would always be an eraser. 😀

5. Correction tape

If you want your scribbles to look neat without crushing out the mistakes then use a correction tape. It’s mess free than the correction fluid.


6. Pencil case

To place everything in. Obviously. You wouldn’t want your pens and pencils scattered about inside your bag.



a. Pocket Thesaurus (or app version)

Let’s face it, some of us sometimes forget what the synonyms are of a particular word. This comes in handy for situations like that.

b. Pocket Dictionary (or app version)

For that word we had heard often but had forgotten the meaning of.

c. Huge tumbler for coffee/ tea

If you can’t write without coffee or tea then welcome to the club! I find that coffee and/or tea helps the words keep on flowing. I have no idea why. I don’t like my coffee or tea hot though. I want it, as much as possible, ice cold!

How about you? What is essential for you as a writer if you don’t have your laptop with you?



3 thoughts on “A Writer’s Essentials

  1. I usually have a notebook and a notepad in case I have to write something down and give it to someone, I try to avoid tearing pages from my notepad. And I carry around like 5 pens, preferably different colors

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