Aspirations of a Bookworm: December Goals


Woot woot! December is here and Christmas is fast approaching. I’m excited to cook and bake and make a lot of delicious goodies for our family’s Noche Buena (aka Christmas Eve feast). I’m thinking about baking a jelly roll with orange creme, making fruit salad, making peach-mango icebox cake…and a lot more desserts.

December is also a time to reflect about what you’ve done this year and to improve how you are as a person.  It is also a time to set up another monthly three! I’m bummed about my third goal last month because of, well, reasons. This month, it would be all about me.

Without further ado, here are my December’s Three:



I’m a lazy bum, I know that. It would be considered a miracle (for my mum anyway) if I would get off my hiney, pick up cleaning stuffs, and doing a major overhaul in my room. It is not limited to my room,though, I sometimes put off important things such as getting papers done. I often wonder how I managed to survive to late adulthood with this habit. It’s not pretty.



Me whenever I see dessert.

I’ve been food tripping a lot lately with one of my closest friends. We eat amounts of food that are good for four people or more, and I don’t put in enough exercise to lose the weight. I’m relying too much on my stock of Oolong tea and Green tea.

I swim as a form of exercise because I have this ridiculous fear of getting a stress fracture if I run. I miss swimming and I have not been swimming because I have been busy with work and it is fun if you are doing it with someone.

I cycle as well but I sold my bike years ago. I would like to get one soon (must be pink or purple!) so that I could cycle from my city to another town several kilometers away.  I also join in the free Zumba and Taebo sessions at the city’s park.

I should, for this month, exercise more.


Like most women, I have insecurities. I’m not drop dead pretty. I do not have that hourglass figure like Marilyn Monroe. I have blemishes here and there. I have cellulite and stretchmarks! For this month, I shall endeavor to love all my flaws and embrace them with fervor. I’m thinking of a makeover, too. 😀

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