Guest Post with Dee! POV/Interview Style


In a world of cultural diversity, it isn’t uncommon for a man and a woman (or a man and a man, or a woman and another woman) from different ethnic backgrounds to be in a romantic relationship. LDR couples are no different from those couples who are physically together.

In the LDRBN community, I made friends with a lot of people who have boyfriends/girlfriends who are from other cultural/ethnic backgrounds. Here, I met Dee and soon became friends with her.

She and I are both from the Philippines. Even though she currently lives and works in Manila, she and I are from the same province: Iloilo. We easily bonded because of that, as I got to know her more and got to visit her blog, I found out that she is in a relationship with a Briton. Aside from being from the same province, it was another thing that I have in common with her. Except for the fact that she is currently with a Brit while I used to be in a relationship with a Brit. And both are (or in my case, were) LDRs.

In LDRBN, we are challenged to make blog entries using the prompts provided as inspiration. This gave me an idea to partner up with Dee for a collab blog under the prompt Culture. Before doing so, I gave Diana the heads up to start a collab. After giving us a thumbs up, I proceeded to tell her.


Dee and I bumped into a few problems regarding how we would partner up. She and I are miles apart so meeting up for a planning session was a no-go. But thank the Lord for the internet! We conversed and planned through Facebook and agreed that we would send each other 10 questions about what it is/was like to be in a relationship with a Briton. We would answer each question honestly and share them through our blog as a guest post!

Here are her answer’s to my inquiries. 😀

Happy Reading!

kittbanner3KAYE’S 10 QUESTIONS TO ME

1. Tell me about yourself and your blog

I am Dee. I am an ESL Teacher for almost 4 years but I graduated as BS Nursing. I grew up in Iloilo City,Philippines but transferred in Manila to work. I am an only child and I was raise by my mom and aunt. I love editing photos, writing poems, surfing the net and watching movies. I am in a relationship with Nigel from UK. My blog is about my LDR relationship with my English guy but I tried to do a twist so I include fan blog,beauty reviews, love is comic strip and poems.

2. How did you both meet?

We meet on this social site name “Tagged”. ( I added him first because he is handsome) 😛

3. What was your first impression on him?

My first impression is that he is a kind of guy that is shy and serious.

4. What attracted you to him?

Being blunt and he loves me not physically but my personality ( all of me especially my flaws)

5. What are the things that appeal to you the most about Britain and their culture?

Is accent included? Their beautiful landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, London Eye etc. Their foods especially Full English Breakfast. Their telephone boxes, buses and black cabs.

6. The differences in cultures can sometimes be a sore point in a relationship. Does it affect your relationship? Why?

Yes. Why? There are times that I don’t usually understand what he really mean about what he saying and sometimes I get confused with somethings like Why can’t he be called British.

7. Are both your parents supportive of the relationship? Why or why not?

Yes! At first his parents are a little bit scared or they said that Nigel needs to be careful and they ask somethings. I post about it. ( )

8. At your blog, you’ve a countdown to the day of your first meeting. Have you imagined what would happen the moment he arrives at the airport?  Share with us what you have in my mind.

Yes. I’ve seen some first meeting on Youtube videos and I felt touch and happy. Well, At first I will be shy but I want to hug and kiss him and probably cry coz of happiness .

9. Aside from liking and learning about the British culture, do you have other cultures that you are interested in? What are they and why.

Yes. I do have.  I probably I want to learn Korean culture since I’ve been like attached to Koreans.  I think their culture is good especially foods.

10. Lastly, any advice to any other couples who are in an interracial / intercultural LDR?

You have to understand each other and don’t talk about sensitive topics so there will be no arguments.  You have to search about each others culture and traditions so you can get idea and lastly no matter what differences you have just love and trust each other truly.



There you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading her answers as much as i did. The photos are provided for by her. 😀

Thanks so much, Dee, for doing this collab with me. To check out my answers to her questions,visit her page: From UK to the Philippines with Love

This post was inspired by the prompt: CULTURE

Proud to be part of the LDRBN Community


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