J’ai dans le coeur- The Little Prince


Last night, I set aside my blogging and photo editing duties in favor of a movie.

I had wanted to watch Le Petit Prince since I saw the trailer on YouTube. I had read the book when I was a kid. My kindergarten teacher allowed me to borrow her copy. I loved it and the pictures.

I had finally obtained a copy of the movie and proceeded to watch it. It made me cry and smile. The film taught me things such as growing up doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to abandon and to forget how to have fun. It taught me that we don’t need our sense of sight to see what is important and essential, and that what is invisible can be felt by the heart.

I ached for The Aviator because nobody understood him in his neighborhood. To all, he was an eccentric and his attempts at making his plane work was just a nuisance to the people nearby. And when he was rushed to the hospital in the end, I cried.

Aside from the story, the music and songs used to provoke emotions are awesome! There were a few favorites and they are all in French. The song I liked the most was a cover of Lily Allen’s Somewhere Only We Know. The song is in French and the melody is just…stunning. Heavenly. Relaxing.

Top songs I like from the movie Le Petit Prince (arranged from least to most liked)

  • Equation- Camille
  • Suis Moi- Camille
  • Somewhere Only We Know- Lily Allen
  • J’ai Dans le Coeur- Aude Gagnier

 Alors, j’introduis à vous le chanson J’ai Dans le Coeur par Aude Gagnier, une interprétation de le chanson Somewhere Only We Know.

Le paroles (The lyrics)


Author’s Note: The media used aren’t mine. No copy right infingement intended.



9 thoughts on “J’ai dans le coeur- The Little Prince

  1. Hello. I’ve been recommending this move to all I know. J’ai dans le cour is kind of perfect, and Turnaround/Suis Moi is like a massage. One friend even offered to fly across the Atlantic to hug and kiss me when she heard it. But she is American.

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