Piad’s Seafood Restaurant


salt-water catfish adobo style with coconut milk

Five days ago, my aunts, my mum, my little cousin and I went to Dumangas (pronounced as Doo-MANG-gas) because one of my aunts miss eating seafood.

Eclipsed by Roxas (pronounced as Ro-HAS) at Capiz, Dumangas is known for their seafood and seafood restaurants dotting the coast line. They are quite famous for their talaba (oysters) as well.

It took us 30 minutes of smooth ride to reach our destination. Piad’s (pronounced as Pi-AHDS) Seafood Restaurant in Dumangas is located at the side of the road but tourists and travelers alike would often miss it because the whole restaurant cannot be seen except for the signage.

In order to reach the restaurant, you have to go down a flight of stone steps. The restaurant is constructed mostly of bamboo. It is an open area; no air conditioned rooms. There is a sink nearby so that one can wash one’s hands before and after eating. They also have a karaoke machine for happy hour! The restaurant rests above the river bed that empties to the sea. Since they serve oysters, they raise them. They have an actual oyster farm by the restaurant. You can guarantee that the oysters are fresh.

It was close to 5PM when we arrived at the restaurant. We were lucky that we were the only customers there. We ordered a lot but we were quite disappointed by the oysters. Despite the fact that they were fresh, they had steamed it for too long that the meat had shriveled to a tiny thing. The rest of the food was heaven, though. I especially loved the Adobong Alimusan which is salt water catfish or alimusan cooked adobo style with coconut milk.

It is best to enjoy their food with your hands (except for the soups, obviously) especially with their grilled fish and other delicacies that require you to use your phalanges with gusto.

Price wise, they’re cheap if you come in a group. The servings are quite large. For us, a group of 5, we spent a little over Php 1,000. It wasn’t bad since we left the place on a full stomach.



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How to get here

There are only two ways to get here: by private vehicle or by public van. Advice: It is best to get there by private vehicle (either car or motorbike)

Travel to Tikud Terminal where you will be able to catch a ride on a public van destined for Dumangas. Tell the driver where you are headed and you will be dropped off there. Going back to the city is hard though. Waiting for another van to arrive/pass by the restaurant would take hours.


Rating: 4 paws/5

Recommendations: A must try is their Adobadong Alimusan. The flesh of the fish is soft, velvety, and melts in your mouth. The broth is slightly sour and you wouldn’t be able to taste the coconut milk.



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