The Fat Kat Cooks: Chilli Sauce


Store bought chili sauce can be quite expensive and sometimes the level of spiciness is quite low.

My family loves spicy food. From kimchi to ramyeon; you name it, we like it. My mum in particular likes spicy food. She would often pick a couple of siling labuyo from the garden to add a bit of heat to soy sauce or vinegar.

My mum and I would often make pork dumplings at home. She had several attempts at making chili sauce but none seemed quite to her tastes. That is until she discovered what to do.

Here, I’m going to share with you me and my mum’s recipe for home made chili sauce.

7 garlic cloves, minced finely
1/4 kilo of fresh chili peppers, probably serrano or cayenne
1 1/2 cups vegetable oil
1/4 cup dark soy sauce
1/8 cup of vinegar
2 tbsp granulated sugar
3 tbsp tomato paste (optional)


1.Wash chilies then boil them for 7-10 minutes until a bit soft. Drain and reserve 1/4 cup of boiling liquid.
2. Slice open chilies and remove the seeds if you don’t prefer it too spicy. Mince them finely or use a food processor, don’t forget to add the reserved boiling liquid when you mince them in the food processor.
3. In a sauce pan on low to medium heat. add 2 tbsp oil and cook garlic until soft.
4. Add chilies and cook them for 5 minutes. WARNING! YOU MIGHT NEED A MASK FOR THIS STEP
5. Add soy sauce,vinegar, sugar and vegetable oil. Cook this for another 5-10 minutes. Take off from heat and let cool before storing in clean jars.

For Tomato Chili sauce
Do step 1-3 then add tomato paste and chilies to the softened garlic.

There you have it! Your own chili sauce. Best with dumplings and grilled meat/pork. Happy cooking.

Heat level: 3.5/5

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