Mon deuxième voyage a Cebu

The Fat Kat


Last month, I traveled to Cebu for an exam–a French exam. It wasn’t my first venture to the same province and it wasn’t my first unsupervised travel either. Unsupervised? Well, yes. Meaning, I had no older-adult supervision. I felt quite grown-up (which is quite redundant since I’m in my late 20s) and responsible. In fact, I had learned to be quite thrifty despite my shopaholic tendencies, and being street smart.

I traveled with my classmate (from French class) via Cebu Pacific Airlines. It was a comfortable 20 minute flight from Iloilo International Airport to Mactan International Airport. From Mactan Island, we took a cab (I had immediately regretted this decision) to our hotel, the West Gorordo Hotel, located at the Ayala business district.

The moment I stepped into the lobby, I felt relaxed. The atmosphere was quite laid back and the decor is mainly made up recycled…

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