The Fat Kat gets into IG and Twitter!

 I have no idea what I’m doing


I’m as confused as this dog

I had a Twitter account way back in 2012. I wasn’t really hooked up on it since I wasn’t really into Twitter. A few months after not tweeting, I had already forgotten the password. And IG? No, I don’t even have an Instagram account. Most of my friends have either IG or Twitter, or both! While I only have one social app (FB)…or two. 😀

I wasn’t at all awed by the social media craze on Twitter and IG. Another reason for not having an account on both is that: I have no freakin’ idea what I’m doing.

Now I know how my mum feels when she has problems using the tablet. While she has techie issues, I have SMA (social media app) issues. Its not that I hate it. I have no idea how to start, how to increase hits, follows and all that.


I was like ‘meh’ before joining IG and Twitter 😀

After many years of SM procrastinating, I tried my hand on both apps. I followed the very simple instructions and had it set up albeit a bit slowly (I was multitasking!) and I am finally, officially on board.


Do the victory dance with me. 😀

I shall continue exploring how these apps work and maybe post a bit more there too. For now, I just have to content myself with a couple of tweets and a photo or two.

Do you have any hesitations when trying an app? Have you ever forgotten a password to an account? Tell me your story down below. Tell me what you think. Comment 😀

Authors Note: The links to my social media accounts will be up at the sidebar of my blog. Thank you!


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