Bull Jack’s Oyster House





BullJack Talabahan (Oyster House) is one of the popular oyster/seafood houses within my city: Iloilo City, Philippines. It is located behind Metropolis. The shack is located just by the road and you could easily spot it because of the many cars parked nearby.

They are known for the fat, juicy oysters they sell per bucket. These are fresh oysters which have been steamed for a period of time. They personally shuck them partially open, pile them up in a small plastic bowl/ bucket, and served at your table.

My colleagues and I went here today for lunch after being called to the hospital. (Don’t worry it wasn’t something bad, just filling up a form for a possible promotion)

It is an open area, though, and it is quite hot. The weather here lately has been undeniably scorching! There were electric fans but it was still hot because of how humid it was. At the far end, there’s a flat screen TV where we watched the NBA basketball game between the Raptors and the Golden State Warriors. (GSW won by 5 points against the Raptors)

We ordered just a few things to try out since we were all on a tight budget. We had 4 buckets of oysters, 2 servings of their grilled pork (perfectly seasoned with salt only), 2 servings of their garlic shrimp, 20 cups of rice (we had 2 cups each), and 10 bottles of soda.

The best way to enjoy their food is with your hands. If you aren’t into making a mess, utensils are provided. They have a sink nearby so you could wash up before and after.

BullJack is always full, especially during the lunch hours (10:30-14:00). People just keep coming back for more.




The resto is located along the coastal road behind Metropolis Subdivison at Bito-on, Jaro, Iloilo City. You can get there via jeepney, taxi, or van.


Take a jeepney parked by Jaro (pronounced as “Haro”) Plaza with the names Bito-on Balabago Jaro painted at the side (these are the routes the jeepney takes). You may tell the driver where you’re headed. He’ll gladly drop you off along the way. Travel time: 10-15 minutes or more depending on traffic. Fare cost: Php 7.00


You may hail a taxi within the metro. It’s convenient and hassle free. Travel time: depends on where you had hailed the taxi. Flag down rate: Php 40.00


You may need to travel to Ticud Terminal located at Ticud, Lapaz, Iloilo City. You may get to the terminal via jeepney (search for the Ticud Lapaz jeepney) or taxi. Once you arrive at the terminal, there are public transportation vans waiting for passengers there. These are convenient because they travel via the coastal road in order to get to their destination. Just tell the driver where you’ll be heading and he will drop you off. Travel time: 10 minutes. Fare cost: Php 25.00-30.00

Want to know more? Visit their Facebook Page–> BullJack Talabahan

Fat Kat score: 4paws/5

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