Stuck at Stuckers

This is not my first sojourn to this lovely resto. I have dined here several times with Mario, stuffing our bellies with impossible amounts of food that are simply too much for two people. Yes, dear readers, TWO people. We usually order food that is good for 3-4 persons. That is a lot for two people but our roomy stomachs are just too happy about it.
This is what we had ordered….

PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage_2
After several mouthfuls, we got a chance to talk to the lovely owner of this fine establishment, Ma’am Jhane Golez Almonte, and got know her and what Stuckers is all about.

Meet the Owner

Ma’am Jhane with Fat Kat and Mario

Ma’am Jhane Golez Almonte is both an Interior Designer and a Psychologist. She personally oversees and manages the place with the help of her younger cousin and her aunt. When she isn’t present at the restaurant, she is out of town supervising her many projects as an interior designer.

The Interview

Fat Kat: Describe Stuckers in one sentence.
Ma’am Almonte: A little of everything to offer.

HIKe Camera

They do have a little bit of everything! 😀

Fat Kat: How old is Stuckers?
Ma’am Almonte: We’ve been operating for almost three years already.

Fat Kat: Wow! Three years! When did it all start?
M.A: We started back in 2013.
The market here for an interior designer is quite..uh..rocky as compared to bigger cities. Since, I recently resigned from my job as a Medical Representative, I knew I needed to have my own business.We first opened at a building across Mandurriao Plaza. It all started with a passion. My family loves to cook meals; they’re very passionate about it. At first, I wasn’t really into cooking and baking. Now, since I’ve a family, as a mum and a wife, I have to cook meals for them, take care of them…I think I grew to like cooking through that. I also travel a lot and take time to dig in what the local cuisine has to offer and to develop a worldly taste/palate. I take inspiration from the places I’ve visited and put a bit of my own flair into each dish I serve here at the restaurant.

F.K: Starting a business can be quite stressful. Any hurdles/struggles?
M.A: Capital. HAHAHAHA! I needed to have funds to launch my business.

F.K: Why the name ‘Stuckers’?
M.A: I was trying hard to make a name that would stick. I was jotting down names, trying to combine names from the members of my family and trying not to make it seem corny. I wanted to name it “Big Momma” (after my aunt) but I new that name doesn’t have any flair. I was with my youngest daughter that time. She was drawing–she loves to draw–a bird. I then saw a bird cage (decor) I had displayed on a shelf and combined the two, and came up with the name ‘Trapped’. It seemed unlikely so I looked up words similar to ‘trapped’ and stumbled upon ‘stucked’. I played around with the name for a bit and got ‘stuckers’. That was how I got the name.

PicMonkey Collage_4

BIRDS! Birds everywhere!

F.K: I can see that. Your interior has a lot of birds and birdcages as decor. What was your overall theme?
M.A: Shabby Chic. I wanted to make it as relaxing and as open as possible, and I wanted to standout from the others. And with marketing, you have to get the attention of your audience. I followed trends on social media and found that selfies are still all the rage. I also noticed that females are usually promoting an establishment through their selfies and their hashtags, sharing on their webpages where they have been, what they have eaten, and so forth. Knowing that, I wanted my restaurant to appeal to girls. (and bring their boyfriends along, hihihi)

PicMonkey Collage_5


F.K: HAHA! In fairness, I was attracted to the colours as well.
M.A: It was supposed to be an Apple Green/Pink combo but then I changed my mind. I mixed the colours myself, chose the decor, and everything. 😀

F.K: It’s lovely. I wish my room was like this. HAHAHA! So, what are your specialties here?
M.A: The big burger. 😀 There are also the Garlic Shrimps (sold out most of the time), Pizza, Backribs. I also have set meals and food-oh-fights. Food-oh-fights are sort of like boodle fights. The meals are good for more than 4 or 5 people, depending on the set, of course. This December, I will be launching theme meals called Stuck-in-Three Sets. These are culinary themed sets such as Japanese Theme wherein you’ll have the terriyaki (just to name one); and Filipino Theme where you can have Pork-in-Patata or grilled bangus (milkfish).

F.K: Any plans of expanding?
M.A: Yes. I think 2 more branches.

F.K: Lastly,do you have any philosophy in life that you adhere to?
M.A: None. AHHAHAHA! que sera sera, perhaps. 😀

F.K: Thank you so much for spending the time to talk to us. We enjoyed conversing with you! 😀
M.A: Thank you as well. 😀

Well, that wasn’t the last bit of our conversation. What should be a 30minute interview ended up to a 1 1/2 hour session with her. We had talked so much more about other things. Mario talked to her about recipes and he made suggestions. She was very, very accommodating and very enthusiastic about sharing the story of her business and her success. She shared a few tidbits of wisdom that I’m sure Mario and I will take to heart. In that span of time, I felt close to her.
Overall, I love this place. The staff are friendly, the food is exceptionally scrumptious, the ambiance is awesome with bossa nova beats in the background lulling us to relax and have fun, and the interior I envy.
Oh, and did I mention that if you write on their paper mats they stick it to the wall behind the counter?

Those pink things at the wall? Yup!

Those pink things at the wall? Yup!

They’re like trophies; each review and message treasured. That is how they love us: they stuff us with great food, pamper us with the awesome atmosphere, and they appreciate our feedback by posting them on their wall. 😀

Interested to learn more about them? Want to experience the same dining experience we had?
Find them Here at their ATRIA branch!

Shops at The Atria

Check out their Facebook page as well—> STUCKERS

Much Love,

The Fat Kat

My Score: 4.5/ 5 paws! Definitely a must!

My Recommendations: Try their nachos! Their corn chips are the best! And don’t pass out on their Big Burger.

How much? ⱣⱣ-ⱣⱣⱣ

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