Aspirations of a Bookworm

autumn-04In the LDRBN community, it is our monthly task to set up monthly goals for ourselves. I had doubts on how to join the challenge (I thought it was an ‘invitation only’ thing). I would like to thank Diana for helping me. *Waves hands enthusiastically in the air and smiles goofily* THANK YOU!
It is the middle of November and there are a few goals that I had accomplished. YAY ME! But there are some goals that I want to attain. These goals are not only about me, they’re also about my relationship with Louie, my connections with friends, and my bonds with my family.
Are you guys ready? Here are My Monthly Three goals for this November (oh! And I shall include a bonus read after):


    I’m terrible with money. Really. Almost like Rebecca-Bloomwood-from-Confessions-of-a-Shopaholic kind of terrible. No, I don’t shop for designer labels (although I want to) but I do shop from thrift stores, and I buy books (a lot of them!) and collect stationary/office supplies (and much more of these). Does anybody else here collect office supplies? Anyone? Raise a hand please.
I want to be able to save money or curb my shopaholic urges.


    Lately, Louie and I don’t communicate much. Most of them are limited to ‘good morning’ and ‘goodnight’. He is busy with stuff in school. His projects are piling up and his dissertation isn’t done yet. I fully understand that. I’m busy with work, and getting important papers authenticated and notarized. However, I have more time in my hands and he doesn’t. I get frustrated at times because I miss him every day. I hope that one of these days he and I would be able to have a meaningful conversation even if its just limited to 3 minutes.
Speaking of talk, I’m a very secretive person. I absolutely hate it when people pry too much because I feel like I’m being stripped down to my skin. I keep secrets from my family as well. This month, I shall try to be a bit more transparent towards my family and friends.


This room is familiar. Do you know who owns this sitting room? I do.

    I’m already neat…just not my room. I’m a terrible person to admit this. Yes, I’m a girl and yet my room is a terrible, horrible mess. Clothes and books strewn everywhere! Whenever I plan to clean it I would suddenly put it off for the next day…then the next day…the next day…next day.

I shall vow to stop procrastinating!

There you have it! My monthly goals this November! I am somehow embarrassed at what I had revealed. Do you have goals similar to mine or are they different? Tell me. Comment down below! Can’t wait to hear from you.

I mentioned earlier that I had some goals accomplished. Want to know what they are?


I took a leap of faith by applying overseas for a job. I wont deny that it has been hard for me to make this decision. It is hard for me to leave my family and friends to travel to a place unknown. I’ve had a few doors left open for this kind of opportunity so I stepped into the one that I feel would take me to greater heights in my career.
Yes! I did it! I applied for a job overseas and I managed to get through. I’m currently gathering important papers and having them all authenticated.
I’m the kind of person who holds grudges. Its difficult for me to forgive and forget those who had thrown my trust back to my face. I recently made an open letter to my ex. You can all read it here–> An Open Letter

Author’s Note: I do not own the graphics used in this post. Except for the cover photo. 😀

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24 thoughts on “Aspirations of a Bookworm

  1. Congrats on your accomplishments!! Loved reading your goals.. Was that my room in that pic? That was one of my goals for this month.. I can relate about the secrets.. Is something I’m currently working on.

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  2. haha omg, i am way spending ton of money over office supplies, like pen here and there, papers and notebooks! and i don’t use them at all haha. i just stock them up and stare at them hahahha. and oh, don’t ever limit the conversations on good am and good pm or whatsoever. hope you and Louie will find perfect time to talk and just ask about anyone’s day sorts of like that.

    i have written long comment here but here is the last item: congrats on nailing the interview! and goodluck with the paperworks! that will take tons of time, slowly but surely! 😀

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    • Thanks so much Kristine! 😀 Welcome fellow office supplies collector! HAHAHA! I mostly collect cute notebooks (im attracted to the covers) that are either vintage inspired, pink, or UK/Paris themed. I also collect mechanical pencils, gelpens, colored pencils, etc. HAHAHA!
      I often remind Louie about the agreement we made before we dived into the relationship. He sometimes gets lost in his studies that I have to fish him out for a little RnR. And thank you for the congratulations! 😀

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  3. The feels!! 🙂 I do have a hard time saving up money, too. Haha. We’re 5 hours away from each other and since I’m currently on my studies so I still have to save up from my pocket money for school. And that was actually hard. Hay. Anyway, I can relate much to this. 🙂

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