To Infinity and Beyond

7870_20150907142847The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler

Lately one of my closest friends got engaged and she told me that I would become part of her entourage. I wouldn’t be her Maid of Honour though. I would be one of her bridesmaids. I congratulated her with a tight hug and then we shopped straight away for wedding dresses for her to try on. After our excursions, she and I sat down at an Italian gelato resto to rest our weary feet and talk.

We discussed about things she wanted for her wedding: motif, theme, flowers, venue, etc. We also talked about how our little group was missing two persons: Cheng and Lyn. We reminisced about how we used to liken ourselves to the characters of Sex and the City due to the personalities we had. Then she said, “I remember you telling me something before.”

“What was it?” I asked as I took a spoonful of ice cream from my bowl.

“You told me that happy-ever-afters don’t exist.”

I scoffed and waved a hand. “Well, that was years before. We had both our hearts broken. I think we are entitled to a bit of negativity after all that bitterness. I am just mightily glad that you have found yours.”

“And how about you? Do I hear wedding bells?”

I smiled at her. She smiled back—a knowing smile. After filling our bellies we returned home.

I had not told her that Louie proposed. I had not told her anything but I guess she had understood. I had that smug smile plastered on my face.

After Louie proposed, I had wondered what our future together would be like. I remember him jokingly saying that he wanted twelve kids, all male, so he could form a basketball team. I had laughed and asked what if they were all female. He rejoined with a statement, “A volleyball team then.”

He had a lot of kooky plans for us. There were serious ones as well. I laughed and after that conversation, as I began doodling my soon-to-be signature as a missus, I thought about it. What do I really wish for? What would my happy-ever-after with him look like? Will we even reach that point in our relationship? After much pondering, I broke things down into major life events:

  1. The Church Wedding

We’re both Catholics and having a church wedding is important for us both. It would be simple, private affair with only close friends and family in attendance (I don’t want over 200 guests even if he wanted that. HAHA! I’m so sorry Hubby).

I, wearing a vintage inspired semi-mermaid gown with a corset bodice. Him, waiting for me down the aisle.

  1. Having our own house

It would be nice having our own house in the suburbs. It would probably be a two-storey structure with a garage and a decently sized backyard so I can try my hand at planting vegetables.

  1. Having kids

I know he mentioned to me wanting to have twelve children but I don’t want that. Ideally, I want 2 or 3 kids. I want a son as my first born and a daughter as my youngest. Or I want twins, which are nice.

  1. Growing Old

I want the same thing that happened in the movie Up. Even if we end up alone, with our kids all grown up and having their own families, I would love it for him and I to be together and still supporting each other, and keeping on loving each other through the trials and tribulations of life.

I stopped doodling my signature and I smiled at these thoughts.

I had filled an entire page with my name attached to his.

Did you enjoy this post? What is your ideal happy-ever-after? Share your thoughts. Comment down below at the comments section. I’m excites to hear from y’all.

Author’s Note: The graphics used aren’t mine. Except for the first image.

This post was inspired by LDRBN’s prompt: Happy Ending

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