An Open Letter

I know its taboo; a kind of sensitive issue but I just had to. I know we all have been through nasty breakups and we end up being a bit negative about that person. We end up almost hating that person for all the things you’ve been through. I know for I had been there. People say never look back. Its okay, though. It’s okay to look back once in a while.

It takes courage to look back at a past relationship and forgiving whatever that had transpired during those days. It takes courage to accept what has been and to grow from the experience. And to forgive.

It takes courage to forgive.

This is an open letter addressed to my ex…

Dear Ex,

How are you? I hope you are doing fine. I’m writing not to tell you that I miss you and I want you back. I don’t actually. I am writing because I have things to say. I know you are rolling your eyes as you read this. Just hear me out…
I know that we had been in a rocky relationship; a lot of ups and downs. We fought a lot, your mistrust of me and my pride got in the way of what our friends would’ve described as “a lasting love”. It didn’t last. We had our differences. We stubbornly clung to our personal beliefs. Eventually, ours dissolved into nothing. We drifted apart. Looking back, it was toxic for us both and I am glad that we got out of it albeit too late.

I’m sorry for the things I did, and for what I was back then. I’m sorry for refusing to apologize then. I forgive you for hurting me and for not trusting me. I forgive you for whatever faults you did/had. It is just sad that we had to walk away like this when we had been such good friends before we started out.

I heard from our friends that you now have a family. I am glad to hear that. I’m presently in a relationship as well and we both love each other.

Ex, I bear no more grudges against you. I fervently hope and pray that you will overcome any obstacles that life will throw your way.
Good bye once again and may God keep you.

Your Ex

Did you like this entry? Do you have the courage to forgive him/her? If you have, what do you want to say to him/her (positive thoughts only please)? Let me know at the comments section down below.

Author’s note: I do not own the graphics used in this entry except for the featured image for this blog.


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