Meet the Belly Busters!

We are the Belly Busters! When there is great food, we are there! *superhero theme playing in the background*

Catchy, isn’t it?

Okay. It’s not really an official name but let’s go with that, shall we? Allow me the honor of introducing us…
Meet Cindy

11406537_10153442345044729_376385019652905897_nCindy (aka Cid)

We’ve been best friends since first grade, and it all started with a slap across the face (OUCH!)
We like going out to eat light snacks and hangout at cafés within the neighborhood. Our forte is dessert. We don’t often go for heavy meals but rather sweets. I don’t recall ever dining out with her for a full meal. Since she is so busy, we go out when she has the time–and funds–to do so. We eat out to catch up, to relax from our individual busy lives, and to bond.

Meet Mario

11907213_1009867712378675_3056006002796988309_nMario (aka Riochii)

My best male-buddy and I have known each other since high school, and we became close buddies since our freshman year in uni. We’re both food junkies *stares lamentably at own belly* and we have been going out, venturing forth to new places where to dine within our city. Sometimes we would try cheap cuisine (aka Carinderia) and street foods, or we would splurge on expensive restaurants.
He and I would often order food good for more than two people, and we are both fans of unlimited rice meals. Our dining experiences are more on “what the ingredients are?”, and critiquing since he works in the food business while I love to cook.

Meet Kaye (aka Fat Kat)

Me. (not actual photo. credits to

If you had been following me then you had probably read my About page. But wait! It doesn’t mention anything about food in that page! Sorry.*grins widely*I’m quite known to my circle of friends to have a “bottomless” stomach since I could stuff myself with a lot of food then complain minutes later that I’m still hungry. Sometimes they wonder if I have been granted a second stomach reserved for desserts. I don’t actually. I just love food. And no, I don’t have nasty worms inside me. I checked.

So that’s about it! We are the Belly Busters! Follow me on my foodie adventures with these two on the next succeeding posts.

Do you have a foodie buddy? Tell us all about them on the comments section down below. Can’t wait to hear from y’all soon!

Author’s Note: Permission was asked from both Cindy and Mario before making use of their photos.


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