I guess the title is a bit misleading.
Anyway, I’ve been fretting over my blog’s dashboard and my blog’s unsightly appearance for weeks now. I’ve been scratching my head over and over on how I could make my page a bit more fancy and easy to navigate for you, my dear readers. The theme MUST reflect who I am. After much laboring behind the screens, I present to you my–drum roll, please–BLOG!


The theme I’ve chosen is called Love Birds.

I specifically chose the theme because of it’s cute interface and it is pleasing to the eye. I made minor changes to the theme such as the background colour and the fonts. I added a few widgets as well just to perk it up a bit. Oh and look! My face is on it as well! HAHA!
The next problem I tackled was the very bare menu bar. It took me several tries to get the pages I want onto the menu bar. I think I spent most of my time with trial and error before I’m satisfied with everything.

Now see? Everything is neat and clean, and wholly presentable for publication. How about you guys? Had trouble starting out and making your blog look awesome? Comment down below and tell me all your funny and frustrating struggles while starting out.

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