Tadhana (Fate), Long Distance Relationship Story Part 2

I said yes. It’s official. And the rest was bliss.
We communicated almost everyday–be it on Viber, Skype, or Whatsapp. He sang to me most of the time and I fell deeper in love. My brain kept on nagging me that it was “dangerous” but I didn’t mind. I had no illusions. I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew that one day it will all fade and whither, and I’ll get hurt.
However, I didn’t want all of that to happen. I’d always wanted a love that is all-consuming and this is it. I don’t want to let it go. I knew that I couldn’t expect much from this relationship so I had to tell him what I wanted: his loyalty, trust, love, and to always talk to each other or find the time to do so. He agreed and I was happy.
One day, while we were talking, he suddenly burst into song. The song was strangely familiar. I asked him about it and he told me the title: Tadhana. I smiled and we talked some more before bidding each other goodbye. After the call, I searched Youtube and found the song. I listened to it and I got all teary-eyed. It became our song; it was bitter-sweet.

The song was perfect.
If I had not tried the dating app, I wouldn’t have met him. If i had not been forcefully taken out of the site, I would’ve talked to other people as well.
I smiled once more as I listened to the song again, recalling what he had said to me days ago when I complained that I was taken out of the dating site: “Kasi nakita mo na yung lalaki para sa’yo”.
It was probably fate that brought us both together. He and I are half a world apart, and out of the million people who are registered in the dating app we had found each other. The odds were so great that it was a wonder how it even happened.
Catching each other online was slightly difficult. Whenever I go out to work or somewhere else, I wouldn’t have a data connection. His mornings are my nights. My breakfasts are his dinners. We’re miles apart but when we manage to be online at the same time, we would talk to each other.
During one of our conversations he asked, “Are you planning to get married?”
“Oo. Ikaw?” (yes. you?)
“Yup. Kailan?” (when?)
“I had planned to get married the moment I turn 24 but then i thought about it and I changed my mind.”
“At what age then?”
“Hmm, when I turn 27 or 28 thereabouts.You?”
“The same. Any particular dates?”
“I’ve always wanted a spring or summer wedding.You?”
“Ako din (me too). Mga June, July, August?”
“Yeah. I think August is nice. Ikaw?”
He ignored my question. “Okay. August. Any particular day?”
“Maybe 8?”
“Okay. Year?”
“2016,” I giggled. “I’ll be 28 by then. You?”
“Okay then. August 8, 2016. That will be the date of our wedding.”
At first I was stunned. What wedding? Our wedding? Had I heard him wrong? I had to clarify, “Whose wedding?”
I heard him smile, “Ours! You and me. Ours.”
I blinked several times. I just couldn’t believe my ears. Was he really serious? “Seryoso ka ba?”
“I’m dead serious. Kaye,” I heard him on the other end, “will you marry me?”
My jaw dropped. My mind scrambled on what to say to him. I was caught off-guard. “Teka, hindi mo pa nakilala mga magulang ko at tsaka humingi sa kanila nang pahintulot na pakakasalan mo ako. Wala ka pa nga engagement ring eh,” I told him, laughing nervously. (Wait, you have not met my parents yet and asked for their permission to marry me. You don’t even have an engagement ring)
“Kailangan pa ba yun?” (Is that really necessary?)
“Yes. I want my parents to know their future son-in-law. I think it’s quite necessary for them to meet you and vice versa.”
“So you’ll marry me?”
I was nervous as hell. I was flustered. To be taken by surprise like that was…
“It’s too fast. Let’s take this slow. Okay?”
He fell silent and I was worried that my hesitations turned him off. But it didn’t. “Okay,” he said, sounding resigned. “If that is what it takes, I’m willing to wait. Sana mabigay mo sa akin yung matamis mong ‘Oo’ sa panahon na tatanungin kita ulit.” (I hope that you’ll give me your sweetest ‘yes’ when I ask you again.)
I knew he was going to ask me again. It was in his voice; I could hear his determination. My mind hoped that it wouldn’t be soon. My heart wanted otherwise.

Author’s Note: I do not own all the media used in this entry. No copyright infringement intended.

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