Magkabilang Mundo (A World Apart), Long Distance Relationship Story Part 1

long-distance-relationship-adviceI’ve been single for more than a year before I met him. To be quite honest, I had no plans whatsoever to be in a relationship. In fact, I wanted to live my life as an unattached woman, traveling and working my ass off, and be generally content without a man to share it all.
I joined a dating site for a lark, never really intending to “catch” someone’s loving attention. Looking back, maybe I had wanted someone to talk to (not that I am lonely or anything), and to share information about our own cultures and beliefs. I received several messages mostly from men (obviously). I was talking to this person when he dropped me a line.
At first, we didn’t tell each other our real names but rather we relied on our screen-names. I checked his (legit) profile and it said that he’s from Canada. We talked in English before I found out that he was from the PH. By then, we switched to talking in our own native language. I had fun talking to him. I soon forgot all the rest who were eager to converse with me. I only talked to him. I learned that he had been living in Canada for 5 years and is now a citizen. He told me about studying (upgrading) again even though he graduated here (in the Philippines) as a Computer Engineer. He asked if I had a messaging app and I said yes. For the life of me, I did not know why I did not hesitate to give him my mobile number. I’m usually wary about sharing my mobile number because of an incident* that had happened months prior to talking to him. But gave it I did.
For some unknown reason, I was kicked out from the dating site. I tried registering again but failed. I told him, via the messaging app, about that problem. He jokingly replied, “Kasi nakita mo na yung lalaki para sa’yo.” (because you had already found the man who is destined for you). I laughed and–to my absolute surprise–I blushed. I jokingly agreed, “Baka nga” (yeah, perhaps).
He asked for my real name and I asked him his. “Louie,” he said.
The moment he said his name, my heart skipped a beat, and I felt that I knew him before. Just because he said his name. For several minutes, I tried to comprehend why I felt that way. Heck! I don’t know why. I have a friend who has the same name. I have several acquaintances with the same name. But why him? Would I feel the same way if he was named differently? Why do I feel that he is The One? I ignored those niggling questions. I ignored them and stubbornly pushed them away, telling myself that I’m being ridiculous. However, the more I talked to him, the more I liked him.
Everyday we talked about everything and nothing. Then one day, during a phone call, he asked me to be his. I was silent. I wanted to. My heart screamed “YES!” but my brain told me otherwise. I slowly said, “Parang ang bilis mo ata. Pinagisipan mo ba ito nang mabuti?” (I think you’re going too fast. Have you thought this through?)
“Yes,” he had said with serious conviction. I fell silent once more, my heart beating fast. I did not know what else to say. I was flattered but at the same time, I was feeling cautious. We had not met, for crying out loud! Apart from exchanging photographs and Skype calls, we had not actually met. I asked for a few–three–days to think about it. And, as if he felt that he was losing me, he added that he felt like I’m the one which was quite funny because I felt the same way. I replied with a murmur of thanks and a goodbye.
Three days.
We still kept talking but he never brought up the question, and for three days I thought about it. Rationalizing and reasoning out the pros and cons. LDR is not easy. It is never easy. And to top it all off, we had not met save for photos of each other that we exchange from time to time. And after thinking about it, I asked myself: “Should I dive in and take a risk Or turn away?”
On the third day, he asked me again.
I took the plunge.


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