Just don’t. Seriously, you’ll regret it.

We all have our top favorite movies, animations, and series we like watching. I personally have a lot and just listing them all down would take…forever. However, there are films that I had regrettably watched and until today I still cringe or tell myself: What in the world did I watch?
This often happens when I watch anime. Unlike most of my friends who are all into watching and reading about the stories, I am more of a “watcher” than a “reader”, which is quite funny considering that my room is full of books and I READ A LOT. I just prefer watching anime.
Anime has a lot of…unusual aspects. There are “normal” animes that follows a “normal” storyline. Nothing wrong there. Then you have those mind-blowing, jaw-dropping animes that will keep you on edge and leave you hungry for more than a season 2. Then you have these guys…
These are my top 5 animes that you should not even try to watch.

5. Yosuga no Sora

Orphaned due to a vehicular accident, the Kasugano twins travelled to their grandparents’ house in the countryside, hoping to start again. Haruka, the male twin, tries to find strength while taking care of his ailing sister. (© wikipedia) This is sweet and all…if not for the shocking plot twist in the end.

4. Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (lit. When the Seagulls Cry)

This is the third installment of “When They Cry” series. The story focuses on a group of eighteen people on a secluded island for a period of two days, and the mysterious murders that befall most of the people. The goal of the game is to discern whether the murderer is human or of some other supernatural source. (© wikipedia)
Dont get me wrong though, the story is nice. It got me drawn in…until the 20-something episode. It got boring by then.

3. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (lit. When the Cicadas Cry)

First installment of the “When They Cry” series. The story focuses on mysterious murders that happen in a village named Hinamizawa allegedly caused by the god Oyashiro. There are numerous twists to the story that will leave you confused and unsatisfied with the ending.

2. School Days

Makoto Ito falls in love with a beautiful girl who also rides the train. Unfortunately, she barely knows of his existence. Her name is Kotonoha Katsura, and though they attend the same school, they are not in the same class. In an attempt to catch her eye, Makoto enlists the aid of a close female friend of his: Sekai Saionji. She helps him, despite the fact that she—unbeknownst to Makoto—is in love with him. Thus the three are bound in a love triangle of life-changing proportions (source: ANN).
And they do really emphasize on the life-changing bit.

1. Boku no Pico

Don’t. Just don’t. Really.

Note: I don’t own all of the photos. 



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